Easter Cards for Kids to Make

“Happy Easter” greetings can be expressed in many ways. 

If you are at home with your kids you can help them to make their own free Easter Greeting Cards.  “Happy Easter” cards can bring so much joy to the family when they are handmade by the children, rather than the usual Easter greeting cards found in the shops.  Card craft is great fun for kids as they can improve their cutting, glueing and drawing skills and develop their own individual creative skills.

There are many different types of free Easter greeting cards.  Some are printed Easter cards to colour.  Some are animated Easter cards and some may have funny Easter greetings.

custom easter cards

In this post, we will show you some Easter cards to make in a short time.

We have several different projects for easy Easter cards to make.   As well as Christian Easter greetings, children could write funny Easter wishes. Below, we have some Easter greetings that children can write into their very own Easter greeting cards.

Free Easter Cards to Make


Easter Greeting Cards

Yellow Cottontail Easter Bunny EASTER CARD


PDF template

Card cut to size … 12in (31cm) x 6in (15.5cm).

White card for Rabbit

Scissors, pencil, eraser,

Black marker pen (texta)

free online easter cards

Paper glue plus craft glue

Colored card for Easter Card

Colored paper for star shapes

Coloured card for flower shapes

Doubled sided tape,

One cotton ball

3 small paper punch hole shapes



printable easter cards
Easter Card Template

1 Download and print the free PDF, perhaps 2 to 4 pictures

2 Cut out all the patterns… 2 stars, 2 rabbits, 3 flowers

3 Trace the 2 star patterns

4 Cut out 2 different stars

5 Measure card and cut to size

6 Fold card in half, carefully

7 Glue large star in centre of card

8 Dry then glue smaller star

9 Mark rabbit position when dry and glue on first rabbit

easter cards

10 Place double sided tape on rabbit

11 Carefully place next rabbit on top

12 Mark position of cotton tail

13 Glue cotton tail with craft glue

14 Press down for tail to stay

15 Mark position for flowers

16 Glue flowers with craft glue

17 Place double sided tape on top

18 Glue 2nd flower over 1st flower

printable easter cards

19 Glue punch hole circles on top

20 Allow to dry

21 Write a Happy Easter greeting inside card


easter cards to make

Cut-out Easter Bunny Cards

free easter cards
Easter Cards to Make

You will need the following items for the three cut-out Easter Bunny cards

Green paper grass cut-out

3 different colored cards

Scissors, texta, ruler, pencil

Paper glue plus craft glue

3 pairs of eyes

3 cotton balls for tail

INSTRUCTIONS FOR 3 Easter Bunny Easter Cards

1 Download and print the free PDF template

printable easter cards
Easter Bunny Card template

2 Measure and cut each card to size

Card size 8 1/4 in (21cm) x 6 in (15.5cm)

happy easter grteetings

3 Cut around rabbit pattern

happy easter greetings
happy easter cards

4 Cut out grass pattern

easter greeting cards
easter greeting cards

5 Cut out whiskers for each rabbit

6 Trace around pattern onto right side of each card

7 Cut around ears and half of rabbit

free online easter cards

8 Repeat cut-outs for each card

9 Fold each card in half

10 Glue grass on front right of each card

11 Mark where eyes go on each card

12 Glue eyes on each card with craft glue

13 Glue whiskers with craft glue

14 Allow to dry

15 When dry mark position for tails

16 Glue cotton tail with craft glue

17 Press carefully for it to stick

18 Wait to dry

19 Write Easter card greeting inside

easter cards online
Free Easter Cards to Make

Easter Greetings (for kids to write)…

Happy Easter! …. It’s time to put all your eggs in one basket!

Easter is about sharing love…and maybe a little chocolate as well!

Easter is the time to put all your eggs in one basket and get away with it!

Who loves to bite the heads off their chocolate Easter bunnies?

More kids activities for staying home at Easter

Silhouette Easter cards to make

Easter paper chick
Easter paper chick