How to make Christmas Baubles – Christmas Tree Decorations 

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS – Christmas baubles for your tree

Looking for Christmas tree decorations? These cute Christmas baubles make perfect ornaments when it comes to choosing colorful tree decorations.

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EASY CHRISTMAS BAUBLES that kids can make

Christmas baubles

These homemade and very cute Christmas baubles make perfect ornaments for hanging as Christmas tree decorations.


White cardstock – allow 12 ins x 7 ins (30cm x 17 cm)

White Christmas tree ribbon   l 1/2 ins ( 13 cm )

5 pink peel-off diamante strips 8 in (20 cm) long

1 punch hole, scissors, craft glue, ruler, pencil



Cut white cardstock into 8 in x 1/2 in lengths ( 21 cm x 1.3 cm)

Mark the half way point of each length

Draw or trace 3 circles 1 in (2.5 cm) diameter

Cut out the circles

Glue two circles together for strength and punch a small hole in the centre

Mark the centre point of the other circle

Draw a horizontal line through the centre, a vertical line from top to bottom, and both diagonals.

Glue the first length exactly horizontal onto the centre of the marked circle [Refer to photos as a guide]

Glue second strip exactly vertically through the centre point, then glue both diagonals

Turn over and glue the diamantes onto each strip from the centre to the end

Pull upwards both vertical ends and glue on to the top ribboned circle to form the first circle ring.

Poke both ends of the Christmas tree ribbon through the hole in the circle and glue each end securely

Cut the ends of each strip to a triangle.

Pull up both horizontal strips’ ends to the centre and glue, followed by each diagonal… one at a time

Allow each glued strip to dry by pressing firmly at the ribboned circle

Your Christmas bauble is now complete!

This Christmas decoration would be ideal to hang on a Christmas wreath or perhaps make a special Christmas door decoration.

Wherever you decide to hang these pink Christmas baubles, they will be sure to impress your guests at Christmas time.

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