Kids Craft Ideas for Easter

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Simple Easter Bunny Fun Projects to do with your Children.

Easter bunny

According to the Easter tradition, the Easter Bunny would hide Easter eggs in the garden for young children to find and collect in their little baskets. This activity was always a fun event with our own children and sometimes they would even find Easter eggs throughout the house, hidden under and behind furniture. We as adults would also give Easter eggs to our family and friends when we visited them over the Easter break.

What to use for Easter craft projects…

craft materials
Materials to Use

Easy craft ideas for kids
Easter craft materials can be purchased from your local craft supply store or you may find many items amongst your household items. Pegs, plastic spoons, paint, coloured cardboard or paper; felt, icy pole sticks, disused cardboard cylinders, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, coloured ribbons, string, wool, paper plates (all sizes), egg cartons, cotton eye-wipes, ear-cleaners, straws, paper bags, colored cellophane and tissue, feathers, popsicle sticks and, of course, paint.

Great ideas for kids’ craft for Easter can be realised so simply by collecting many of these items and placing them into a craft box, in readiness specifically for any craft projects that will happily entertain and occupy your children, grandchildren or toddlers leading up to the many events during the year.


kids activities
Encouraging children to be more creative using paint is a fun way for them to experience painting, and by using the many other craft activities, children learn to express themselves. By using the primary colours, then mixing different ones together, they can create the various shades of colour, which extends their palette experience.

Fun Things to Do for Easter

kids activities

It’s a wonderful experience for children when they see, for the first time, small fluffy yellow tiny chickens hatching out after a long wait, while the mother hen has been sitting on these eggs over the past few weeks. Children love holding, very gently between their two hands, a lovely little chick who is chirping endlessly and enjoying being held.
Bunnies and chicks can be so absolutely adorable and can be made from the simplest items.

These will inspire you to make many other fun handicraft items for all pre-school children.

Easter Crafts

Easter crafts

Easter is a fun time of the year, it’s both a religious time where we get together with family and friends to celebrate and for some it’s an extended holiday. Special table settings are decorated with coloured Easter eggs and other symbols of the celebration of new life. This is a great time of the year to involve toddlers and young children in card making, painting eggs, cutting and gluing activities, using ribbon, string, glue, coloured paper along with discarded kitchen egg containers, cereal boxes and cylinders that can all add to this overall fun event. Involving your pre-schooler in these easy craft ideas adds to the whole occasion.

Great Activities for Toddlers

Hand print birds

There are many craft ideas that can involve our toddlers and pre-school age children, especially indoor activities for kids. Toddler activities need to be colorful and easy for them to do and this can involve many art activities such as painting or crafting and they need to be quick and easy and fun things to do with kids.

Easy Easter Potato Prints

Easter craft for kids to make
Easy Easter Potato Prints

Make some colorful Easter decorations by painting on potatoes!

Make these colorful Easter Chickens

easter craft ideas





craft ideas

How did Easter originate?

Make a Hand Print Bunny Card for Easter

Easter Bunny Card


  • White cardstock

  • Small white pom-poms

  • Pink pipe cleaner

  • Pink pom-poms

  • Googly eyes

  • Pink paint

  • Craft glue


  1. Take a piece of white card and fold it in two

  2. Place your child’s hand onto the card at with fingers at the fold

  3. Spread the fingers at the middle finger and ring finger to form the bunny ears.

  4. Trace around the fingers.

  5. Cut out the card but do not cut the fold.Easter Bunny Card

  6. Paint the inside of the ears pink and leave to dry.

  7. Glue the white pom-poms to the card

  8. Cut a length of pipe cleaner into two and twist the two pieces together to make the rabbit whiskers.

  9. Glue the whiskers on to the card and then glue a pink pom-pom on top to make the nose.

  10. Glue on the eyes.

  11. Open up the card and write an Easter Greeting

  12. The child can give the card on Easter morning.

More Fun Activities

Easter Chicken Project

Easter paper chick

Make these cute little paper chicks for Easter…

Little chickens have long been a favourite decoration during Easter.   Here is a lovely little Easter project you could do with your child.

Easter paper chick
Easter paper chick

This was a fun activity that I enjoyed doing with my three-year-old grandson prior to Easter this year.

He helped me to cut out the yellow rectangles for the chicken pattern and the beak. He also helped me to stick on the eyes, wings and feet and we had a ball!

We created the face of the chicken, placing a small blob of glue for the goggle eyes that he placed very carefully on top of the glue. Then we also glued the beak, only sticking on half of the folded cut out paper beak.  His tiny fingers were able to stick these carefully. He is a child who pays attention to detail but not all children can do this so carefully.

What you will need…

  • plastic to cover your table

  • yellow paper and orange paper

  • goggle eyes

  • pink and black markers (textas)

  • yellow and orange pipe cleaners

  • quick drying clear craft glue

  • scissors


  1. To make the beak, cut out a rectangle (3cm x 1cm) and fold it in half across the long side.

Craft ideas for kids
Make a chicken beak
  • Then cut it to form a diamond shape.

  • Fold the diamond shape in half to form the beak, making the beak 1.5cm long.

  • Stick only the bottom half onto the body of the chicken.

  • Lay out the yellow body shape (18cm x 7cm).

  • Arts and Crafts for Kids
    Easy construction
  • Add the pink cheeks and black eyebrows, using pink texta and thin black marker.

  • Turn the body over and carefully punch two holes 4cm from each end of the body shape, half way down, just big enough for the pipe cleaner to pass through. (Refer to the photograph).

  • Take one yellow pipe cleaner, 30cm long.

  • Cut off 8cm, cut it in half to form the two top feathers, each 4cm long.

  • Run the pipe cleaner into one hole from front to back and then back through the other hole to the front

  • Then fold each end back on itself and push the ends into the holes to create the chicken’s little wings.

  • From the orange pipe cleaner, cut six 4cm pieces

  • Turn the flat body over and glue the pipe cleaner pieces on a slight angle to create the feet, each foot having 3 toes.

  • Allow the glue to dry.

  • When finished and the glue is completely dry, turn the chicken over. Bend it into a circle and tape the back with sticky tape.

  • If dry, bend the toes forward and splay slightly to form three toes on each foot.

  • When all is finished and dry, a small Easter egg can be placed in the top, to complete the decoration.

  • The Meaning of Easter

    While you are enjoying the Easter craft activities, it is a good time to talk to the children about the traditions of Easter… why we celebrate Easter.

    Where does the tradition of Easter eggs and rabbits and chickens come from and why do we celebrate Easter?

    It’s a chance for you to talk about old traditions, why we celebrate Easter and how it has developed over the years… how other children all over the world celebrate Easter.

    And what you as a teacher or grandparent did when you were younger.

    Or, if the child is not sure, you can explain the Christian meaning of Easter.

    Have fun making your paper Easter chickens.  You could make several and put them in a little basket for display.

    Happy Easter!