The History of Father’s Day

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Fathers day is a special day celebrated on different dates throughout the world. It is a day when families can come together and thank their fathers and all fathers for their example, influence and contribution they have made in the home and in society at large.

In 2021, Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 20th June in the USA. Fathers Day is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in September but in America, it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Most of us love our dads and their contribution to our upbringing and take pleasure in giving them a gift each year to signify our love and respect.

Children love to have fun with their dads, granddads, step-fathers and other special men who are father figures in their lives, and who teach them skills and greatly influence their lives.

It has long been a tradition for many school children to create one of their own homemade fathers day cards to give their Dad.

So, there is no better way of demonstrating that Dads are special in their lives than to by creating one of our homemade Fathers Day cards.


There are many fathers day card ideas, but this particular one he will love as dads generally like to look at old vintage cars.

It’s one of many arts and crafts diy projects that teachers and parents can easily help their children participate in. Children can practise cutting and measuring skills, hand-eye co-ordination as well as develop their own creative abilities when following instructions on how to make homemade diy father’s day cards.

Follow the simple diy fathers day cards instructions on how to create your own fathers day card.

VINTAGE CAR CARD for Fathers Day



  • Brown craft card 10 1/2 ins x 5 1/4 ins
  • Red craft card 4 3/4 ins square
  • Small white craft card 1 3/4 ins x 1 ins
  • Small brown card 2 1/4 ins x 1 1/2 ins
  • Scissors, pencil, pen, ruler, glue
  • Double-sided tape, gold metallic marker


+ Cut all craft cards to size

+ Fold brown craft card in half

+ Glue red square in centre

+ Place road sticker in place

+ Glue vintage car

+ Place carefully in position

+ Double-sided tape 2nd vintage car top

+ Press carefully into position

+ Double-sided tape 3rd vintage car top

+ Press carefully in position

+ Double-sided tape 4th vintage car top

+ Press carefully in position

+ Glue small brown rectangle

+ Place carefully in top position

+ Write “Happy Fathers Day” message onto the white rectangle

+ Glue message in place

Your red and brown DIY Fathers Day Card is now complete and ready to write your message to Dad inside.

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