Slime Recipe for Kids for Halloween

Here is a slime recipe for kids that makes it easy to make slime with slime ingredients you may already have at home.

Halloween is fast approaching and so is the craze for Halloween slime.

Getting the kids involved in making slime can be great fun, especially when making slime for Halloween.

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This easy slime recipe will help you to know how to make slime at home… the simple slime diy way.  

Or you can easily buy a Halloween slime kit, readily available on line.

Knowing how to make slime at home, and which slime ingredients to use safely, makes it so much easier when getting kids involved in making slime and being able to follow simple slime instructions.

This Halloween slime recipe for kids is a simple, quick and easy slime recipe that you can make in no time at all.


How to Make Slime Easy… without too much mess.

There is no better time to make slime for kids than Halloween. Slime is one of the best Halloween crafts for kids.

As we know, kids love making slime and this easy slime recipe is the ideal slime for Halloween. Its quick to make and most of the slime ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

If you’re looking for a really easy slime recipe, I have found Elmer’s Magical Liquid Slime Activator Solution to be one of the best ways to make slime. It’s simple and easy to mix up and can make approximately four batches of slime for kids at Halloween. (8.75fl.oz)

Slime Starter Kit 9 Piece Set

It’s easy to make slime. Just follow the slime recipe below, then follow the simple slime instructions for making a different spooky slime that’s different.

Kids love helping to mix the slime ingredients together… (with adult supervision of course). Your kids will enjoy blending their favourite Halloween slime colors.

Making slime is one of the best Halloween crafts for kids.

This easy slime recipe for kids allows them to explore their creative skills using stretchy slime. It not only improves their imagination but helps develop their intellect and motor skills as well. Your kids can experiment for hours, using this Halloween slime kit..

Simple ways for how to make slime easy for kids to play with, using this HALLOWEEN SLIME KIT.



Once you have made it, you will know that it’s so easy to make slime.

This is the perfect slime to make at home or at school and is an excellent kids slime recipe that will occupy your kids for hours.

Because making slime can be messy, it’s always best to have a plastic table cloth to avoid any slime spills. Also, keep the all-important clean up items close by to cater for any little accidents.

Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit

Your kids may ask you how to make glitter slime as well. It’s simple… just add your kids’ favourite colors separately and you will have easy slime Halloween colors.


Items you will need


Colored glitter paint

Googly eyes

5 oz of clear glue

One tablespoon of baking soda

Two tablespoons of lens solution


1 Squeeze out 5 oz of glue into a bowl

2 Mix in 1 tablespoon of baking soda

3 Add a small amount of colored glitter

4 Stir mixture until combined

5 Mix in 3 tablespoons of the lens solution

6 Roll the slime with hands until it is no longer sticky

Tip:      If you’re wanting to store your slime, seal it in an airtight container.

Have fun with your kids, making spooky Halloween slime.

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Slime tutorial

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