Make your own Easter Egg Basket and fill it with specially decorated eggs.

Kids always enjoy an Easter egg hunt and what better way for them to collect easter eggs than by collecting them in their very own Easter Egg Basket, especially if they are chocolate Easter eggs.

All the family can get involved in creating these special Easter crafts

Make your own Easter hunt basket to collect all your special Easter stuff. but an Easter egg hunt basket can also be amongst your perfect Easter gifts to give to friends or family.

So, instead of buying several Easter egg hunt bags or plastic Easter baskets, help your kids make this very colorful Easter egg basket to put their Easter egg gifts in.

Easter egg coloring is super fun so why not create these super easy decorative eggs to pop in your Easter egg basket.

Easter Egg Basket

Materials for your Easter Egg Basket

Orange cardstock 8 1/2 ins x 11 3/4 ins

Yellow cardstock 8 1/2 x 11 v 3/4 ins

Scissors, pencil, craft glue, ruler

Easter basket filler – colored shreds

Orange cardstock 11 1/2 ins x 1/2 in (30 cm x 1 cm)


Trace around the outside edge of a round bowl approx. 5 1/2 ins in width.

One orange and one yellow circle

Cut out each of the 2 colored cardstock circles.

These 2 colored circles form the base to the egg Easter basket

Measure and cut 2 strips of orange cardstock 8 3/4 ins length x 1/4 in width ( 30 cm x 1 cm)

Fold both circles exactly in half. Place the yellow circle inside the orange circle at right angles

Glue each inside edge together one at a time. Allow to dry

Glue the end of each strip to form a handle to both back and front

Place a handful of yellow shreds in the inside for the Easter Basket filler

Every Easter egg basket needs lots of colored Easter eggs

Now we need an Easter basket with eggs.

Chocolate eggs are always yummy and make the perfect easter egg candy for kids to collect at every Easter egg hunt. But today we are going to create our own easter egg decorations by making our very own decorative eggs …

Easter egg coloring


Materials to make your decorative eggs

Colored cardstock in several different colors

I chose bright pink, light blue, yellow and bright blue

Colored textas or marker pens

Craft glue and 5 wooden tooth picks


Egg Coloring

Draw and cut out about 5 or 6 individual ovals onto colored cardstock to create your Easter eggs.

Easter fun is creating your very own Easter egg painting designs for your Easter egg basket

Each of your decorative eggs needs to be about 2ins wide x 2 1/2 ins in height

Easter egg decorating

Use different colored marker pens to create individual easter egg designs and patterns for each of the easter eggs.

Or, you could do some Easter egg painting instead of using marker pens, to create some lovely egg painting designs.

Turn each of your decorative eggs over to the blank side and glue a small tooth pick onto the back and allow to dry.

Once they are all dry, place each painted egg gently into the basket to stand up in the paper shreds.

An Easter egg basket makes a lovely gift.

This super easy Easter egg hunt basket makes a lovely Easter gift for family or friends

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