This Mother’s Day Card is Easy for Kids to Make

Mother’s Day has always been seen as a very special time of year to celebrate and remember the special and important role mothers play in the upbringing of their children.

For many children, it a fun time to create their very own Mother’s Day card and homemade Mother’s Day cards are always warmly welcomed by Moms, especially “Happy Mother’s Day” funny cards.

Mothers Day Card

For those looking for easy Mother’s Day cards to make in school, or a Mother’s day card craft activity for kids to create, we feature free Printable Mother’s Day cards and lots of homemade Mother’s Day card ideas.

There is a free printable Mother’s Day Cards PDF with easy instructions to follow, to complete these homemade Mother’s Day cards.


To make the following Mother’s Day card you will need firm board-quality card.

Materials you will need

1  Blue card, Length 12 in x width 8 1/2 in          2  Scissors, pen, glue stick, ruler, PDF sheet

Front of card

3  Yellow card length 5 3/4 ins, width 4ins          4  Blue card length 4 1/2 ins, width 3ins

5  Yellow strips x 2 length 6ins, width 1/4 in

Inside card

1  Yellow card length 9 1/2 ins, width 6 ins         2  Blue card length 8 1/2 ins, width 4 3/4 ins

Colored Card



1  Download the PDF Heart Sheet           2  Cut out heart shapes

3  Trace hearts onto white board card      4  Cut out all colored card

Cut out heart shapes


1 Fold large blue card in half             
2 Glue yellow shape on an angle

3 Glue blue card on the angle            
4 Glue both yellow strips top and bottom

5 Glue large white heart in centre of blue card

Create the front


1 Glue yellow card in centre of open card  

2 Glue blue card in centre of yellow card

3 Allow to dry then fold in half         
4 Glue and arrange heart shapes on blue
5 Allow hearts to dry                         
6 Write your special Mother’s Day greetings

Inside your card

Your homemade Mother’s Day Card is complete!

This is a fun Mother’s Day card that’s easy and enjoyable to make. Be sure to download the free printable Homemade Mother’s Day card ideas PDF for all the details.  

Mothers Day Art

Enjoy making these Mother’s Day cards and perhaps use different colors.  Making Mother’s Day cards for Grandma would also be a fun project.

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Hearts template

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