DIY Valentine Cards      

Hearts for Valentines Day

Valentines Craft – DIY Valentines Cards

Hearts are an essential feature when creating your own diy Valentine cards.

If you’re looking for easy diy Valentines Cards to make, with lots of love hearts for Valentine’s Day, our Valentines cards will make the perfect heart card to send to that special friend for Valentines day.

Valentines Cards, are easy heart crafts and can be great Valentine crafts for adults as well as Valentines crafts for young sweethearts, even crafts for 5 year olds.


This is one of a few easy heart crafts your kids will thoroughly enjoy making.

It’s perfect for kids of all ages. The whole family can get involved in making their own individual Valentines paper craft.

Easy Valentines Crafts – Valentines Cards

Personalized handmade Valentine cards always make the best Valentine gift card for that special friend.

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So why not make your own diy Valentine’s cards?

Heart Card for Valentines Day


Here at Creative Art for Kids we have many different arts and crafts for kids so they can get creative.

Valentine’s Day cards need not be expensive, so why not shower your special friend with love with this diy heart card project. DIY love cards make the perfect Valentine cards to give to someone you love on Valentines Day.

This diy heart card project is one of several cute Valentines cards that you can make. These handmade cards are quick and easy crafts for kids of all ages.

Valentine’s Day Cards can be easily adapted for other special occasions such as for homemade Birthday cards and especially Mothers Day Cards.


These Valentine day card ideas are fun art projects for kids to make at home or at school. You can always use different colored cardstock if you have other colors available, apart from the colors we suggest in our heart card project.


To make your handmade Valentines day cards you will need the following items…

Printable template named : Diy Valentine Cards – Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Red cardstock size –

White cardstock size –

12 red glitter hearts

15 red glitter stars Picture of items here

Black marker, scissors

Red marker, craft glue

Ruler, pencil


Download the Printable template

Cut out the heart card and the Valentine heart craft patterns

Trace the heart shape onto red cardstock and cut out

Trace the heart card lace pattern onto white cardstock and cut out

Cut out 4-inch x 4 1/2 inch white card stock for message insert

Refer to photo instruction

Fold the long red cardstock in half with opening to the right

Glue white straight heart card edge and glue flush to centre fold

Glue red cardstock in the centre of white lace card

Glue red glitter hearts one at a time around the white lace edge

Press firmly each time… refer to photos

Glue the red glitter stars one at a time, pressing firmly to secure stars

Using a black marker, write Happy Valentine’s Day inside red heart on the front

Cut out white cardstock for insert message and glue in the centre on the right of card

Write your message “To my special Valentine” or other message

Glue 4 red glitter hearts carefully around the edges

Allow Your Diy Valentine’s Card to dry

You can create more DIY Valentine’s Cards to give to friends

Easy Craft Activities for kids

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