Creating diy Christmas crafts, and other easy Christmas crafts, can be a lot of fun for all aged kids. We had visited the department stores and had seen lots of different three-dimensional Christmas cards to buy, but nothing had particularly caught our eye. So, I decided to create my own special 3d Christmas card and of course get the kids involved, as they always enjoy making different Christmas arts and crafts, especially Christmas card making.

Christmas is the perfect time for making handmade Christmas cards as they are a great way to send special holiday greetings to family and friends.


As we were already sending homemade Xmas gifts to our friends and family, we wanted our Paper Christmas tree card to be very colorful with lots of sparkles. Our friends will certainly get a surprise when they receive these sparkling Merry Christmas cards.

Having not long put up our Christmas tree and decorated it with special sparkling homemade Christmas decorations, it seemed very appropriate to make our own sparkling paper Christmas tree / 3d Christmas tree card to send to all our friends.


Our family loves creating homemade gifts for Christmas for friends and family and this year they will no doubt get quite a surprise when they receive this very special 3d Christmas card along with your home-made Christmas gifts.

As a family, we are also delighted when we receive handmade Christmas gifts or special handmade Christmas ornaments from our friends or neighbours to hang on the Christmas tree.

We had not made any pop-up Christmas cards or 3d Xmas cards before, but we thought it would be lots of fun to make our own 3D Christmas tree card instead of buying our friends pop-up Christmas cards from the store.



Red cardstock paper size 10 in x 8 in (24 v 21 cm)

Choose 3 different shades of colored green cardstock

Allow 8 in x 12 in for each green cardstock sheet

1 light green, 1 medium green and 1 dark green

Pencil, ruler, scissors, craft glue, 1 black marker pen

About 30 stick-on diamantes, 1 yellow star

Double sided stick-on padded tape

Envelopes for each of your Christmas tree cards in



Download the free Printable Template – 3D Christmas card – Paper Christmas tree

Each Christmas tree card is labelled 1 to 6

Cutout each Christmas tree card pattern (For each 3d Christmas tree card)

Trace each Christmas tree pattern onto green cardstock

Dark green color numbers 1 and 4

Medium green color numbers 2 and 5

Light green numbers 3 and 6

Cut out and number each different sized 3d tree Christmas card – Refer to photos

Cut red cardstock paper to size and fold in half

Glue no 6 large dark green Christmas tree on the lower centre front of the folded red card and press firmly

To create each of the layered three-D Christmas cards …

Cut several small pieces of stick-on padded tape and place underneath each numbered Christmas tree,

Start in the centre, then around edges, to create a pop-up Christmas tree card layered effect

To create a 3d layered effect it’s important to place each cutout paper Christmas tree in turn, 3/4 in above the other

Place tape to underneath of no 5 medium green paper Christmas tree

Press firmly to make sure each 3d Christmas tree card is in place

Continue to stick tape onto each of the green cutout Christmas tree cards

Follow in order, light green no 4 , followed by dark green no 3

Place carefully no 2 medium green Christmas tree

Followed by no 1 light green Christmas tree

This creates the layered three-dimensional Christmas cards

Glue a yellow star at the top in the centre of the 3d Christmas tree card

Place about 4 or 5 self-gluing diamantes onto the top of each 3d Christmas card

Write a special Christmas greeting on each of your pop-up Christmas cards

You have now created a 3d Christmas tree card

Homemade Christmas Cards for Kids to make

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