When it comes to Easter craft ideas, PAPER CUP BUNNY CRAFT is a stand out!

Kids just love creating their own Easter bunny crafts as they are some of the coolest Easter craft ideas, especially Easter crafts for pre-schoolers.

And what better way to excite the little ones than by helping them make their very own Easter bunny paper cup craft.

This paper cup craft is not only one of our easy Easter crafts, but one of our most popular paper cup craft activities for kids of all ages.


Don’t throw away those spare paper cups any time soon as these disposable cups will come in handy for creating your own creative paper cup craft.

We have different paper cup craft activities, such as fun Easter bunny crafts and also flower cupcake liners .


Paper cups can come in handy for making quite a diverse range of Easter craft ideas.

Paper cup craft activities include lots of Easter bunny crafts using colorful flower cupcake liners. We also have a variety of different paper cup decoration ideas for many different occasions.

If you are looking for easy paper cup craft, this colorful bunny paper cup craft makes not only great Easter crafts for pre-schoolers, but older kids and adults will love them too.

Because these disposable cups are made of paper, they can be painted in many different colors, cut with scissors, and easily have things glued to them.

There are so many fun and varied ways to use your left-over disposable cups.

Why not start by making this paper cup bunny craft?

MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED                       

1 pink paper cup, 1 blue paper cup

2 handfuls of colored shreds

Paper cups

1 white cardstock 4 x 8 ins

1 pink cardstock 4 x 4 ins

1 blue cardstock 4 x 4 ins

1 pair pink googly eyes

1 pair blue googly eyes

2 silver pipe cleaners, 12 ins each

2 small white pom-poms

1 small pink pom-pom

1 small blue pom-pom

Craft glue, pencil, ruler, scissors



Download the printable template: Easter-bunny-ears

The printable template will help you to create the Easter bunny ears

Mark each eye position on both paper cups

Carefully glue each googly eye, one at a time

Press firmly and allow to dry

Glue blue and pink pom-poms in position for nose

Cut each silver pipe cleaner into six equal lengths

Glue each pipe cleaner, one at a time up against nose

Turn paper cups over and glue on the white pom-pom tails

After downloading the Easter bunny ears — printable template, cut out each of the Easter bunny ears from the template

Fold each cardstock in half

Trace the Bunny ears up against the fold and cut out

Trace the Easter bunny ears onto cardstock folded in half

The large bunny ears for the outside pink and blue ears

The small white bunny ears are for the inside

Open out bunny ears and glue white ears onto the front colored bunny ears

Mark the inside centre front of the paper cup and glue the Easter rabbit ears

Place the colored shreds inside the Easter Bunny paper cup

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