Make a Hand Print Bunny Card for Easter


  • White cardstock

  • Small white pom-poms

  • Pink pipe cleaner

  • Pink pom-poms

  • Googly eyes

  • Pink paint

  • Craft glue


  1. Take a piece of white card and fold it in two

  2. Place your child’s hand onto the card at with fingers at the fold

  3. Spread the fingers at the middle finger and ring finger to form the bunny ears.

  4. Trace around the fingers.

  5. Cut out the card but do not cut the fold.Easter Bunny Card

  6. Paint the inside of the ears pink and leave to dry.

  7. Glue the white pom-poms to the card

  8. Cut a length of pipe cleaner into two and twist the two pieces together to make the rabbit whiskers.

  9. Glue the whiskers on to the card and then glue a pink pom-pom on top to make the nose.

  10. Glue on the eyes.

  11. Open up the card and write an Easter Greeting

  12. The child can give the card on Easter morning.

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