WITCH HATS for Halloween

Halloween witch hats

Light up any Halloween party with your own fabulous witch hats.

witch hats
black witches hat

Witches in witch hats have a history of passing on their special spells and candy love potions and it’s long been a tradition to wear a witches hat for that Halloween party celebration.

Black Witches Hat or Purple Witches Hat

As we all know, wearing a Black Witches Hat or a Purple Witches Hat means you can be an authentic witch and cast special spells when giving out Halloween candy.  For style, add a colored witch hat headband, as this will brighten up any plain black witch hat.

Decorated Witches Hats

Find pre-made colored Halloween decorated witches hats.

Halloween Party

Why not decorate your Halloween party with different sized witch hats?

For a more creepy festive atmosphere, hang some fairy lights around the hanging witch hats or on each one of your decorated witch hats.  Place them carefully around the door, roof top, stairs and garden, to light up your Halloween yard party.

Halloween witches hats your kids will love to make…

Decorated witch hats with fairy lights

For your kids’ Halloween costume party needs, try these Kids Halloween Witch Hats and Wizard Hats…  ideal for all your party and costume decorations (ages 12 months and up).

These Black Halloween Witch Hat wall 3D Bat stickers can decorate your garden, doors, windows and porch to create a festive creepy atmosphere.

The kids can decorate their own witch hats with 3D bat stickers and buy gold stars to add an extra wizard flavour.

Witch Hat Headband

Better than that, a Whimsical Witch Hat or this Celestial Mini Witch Hat Headband will be ideal for making a witches hat.

Purple Witches Hat

For Halloween Theme Party

This 20-piece Halloween party witches hat decoration will light up any fancy party dress evening. It’s the ideal Halloween party favourite when it comes to kids having fun. This Halloween witches hat decoration comes with 60 varying sized bat decal pieces.

Halloween Spiders and Cobwebs

To create your own personalized Halloween witch hats, decorate them with extra craft Halloween decoration such as black spiders and cobwebs, plus the essential Halloween witches broom and candle-lit pumpkins.

ADD A CREEPY STRETCHY SPIDER WEB to create the perfect atmosphere to hang your decorated witch hats.

witch hats
modern witch hat

If your kids would like to make their very own mini witch hat, click here…

More witch hat ideas

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