This is one of our fun homemade Father’s Day card ideas for kids to make.


We have several super easy homemade Father’s Day card ideas for kids to choose from.

Fathers day is always a special day, so it’s important to celebrate Father’s Day and show your dad, grandpa, or pop, just how much they mean to you.

In the stores, there are many funny cards for Father’s day to choose from… Star Wars cards, golf tee cards, to give to dad with your special gift for dad.

Fathers Day shirts are always one of the best gifts for dad on Fathers Day.

But the best cards for dad on Father’s Day are homemade cards. So why not make this easy diy Father’s Day shirt and tie card?

How to make a Homemade Father’s Day Shirt and Tie Card

You could spend hours in the stores looking through funny cards for Father’s Day… or sifting through many different Fathers Day printable cards, but why not create your very own card for Fathers Day?

What a great way to celebrate Father’s Day by giving dad a special greeting card for Fathers Day!

A homemade Fathers Day card is perfect for school kids of all ages. They can make these super-easy Fathers Day crafts at home or at school.

handmade fathers day cards
This is a super easy Fathers Day Shirt and Tie card that will put a happy smile on dad’s face.


Celebrate Fathers Day by giving dad a homemade Fathers Day card he will treasure.

Dad will love this Fathers Day DIY shirt card, made using a few sheets of construction paper, scissors and glue. This easy DIY shirt card can even be made using left over colored patterned or plain paper to create a fancy tie.   So you can buy new construction paper or use craft card from left overs for your fathers day cards.

A Fathers day free printable template pattern is available and can be easily downloaded.

Tie Template
Shirt template


How to make a Fathers Day shirt card using the free printable template provided

Learn how to make a Father’s Day shirt card by following the instructions


Fathers Day free printable template

Blue craft card A4 size 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 inch

Colored craft card 7 x 3 ins for tie

White craft card 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 ins for insert

Ruler, pencil, black marker pen, scissors

Craft card glue or craft glue stick

Don’t forget to download our free printable template to create shirt and tie cards for dad.

Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager


Fathers Day Shirt and Tie card

Create the shirt

Download and print the Father’s Day free printable template for the shirt

Cut out the template pattern

Trace the template pattern onto colored construction paper card

Mark up the back of the card

Cut out the top half section

Fold the card in half and firm along the edge

Cut the collar slits either side of the front half

Fold the collars in using a ruler

Mark the centre point for the tie

20×50 High Power Military Binoculars

Create the tie

Download and print the Shirt Tie template pattern and cut out tie shapes

Trace the Tie pattern onto coloured patterned card craft card

Cut out the Tie pattern

Using craft glue, glue the back of the tie

Place tie in the centre of the shirt between the slits

Press down firmly, allow to dry

Cut out white paper for the greeting

Wish Dad a Happy Fathers Day!

Write your Fathers Day greeting onto white paper

Stick white paper greeting into the card


You have constructed your special Fathers Day Shirt and Tie card

Fathers Day Greetings

Try more of these fun Father’s Day cards as they make great gifts for dad on Fathers Day.


fathers day 2021

How to get ready for Fathers Day

Father’s Day 2021 is fast approaching.

Help your kids to wish their dad a Happy Fathers Day by giving him a diy handmade card.

One of the best Fathers Day gifts that your kids can give is a Fathers Day card.

This cute card project is a super easy, diy, step by step guide to creating an awesome, inexpensive Happy Fathers Day card that dad will love and treasure.

Fun Fathers Day Crafts for Kids


decoupage car sheet


3 D cut-out decoupage car sheet

White card craft paper 10 1/2 x 5 1/4 ins

Happy Father’s Day sticker or blue marker pen

Blue card craft card 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 ins

White card craft card 2 1/4 x 1 3/4 ins

Blue card craft card 2 x 1 1/2 ins

White card craft card 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 ins

Craft Card

Silver craft sticker for roadway

Double-sided tape



Glue, pen, and pencil

Buy your Dad a gift for Fathers Day


At this time of year, many stores are having the usual Fathers Day sale, offering special Fathers Day deals. They are advertising the best Fathers Day ideas and the best Fathers Day gifts, even personalized Fathers Day gifts and cards for dad.

However, you may have run out of time to purchase a gift for dad, grandpa, or your pop this year, so why not make your own Fathers Day homemade cards to give, with a special gift for Dad. The best Fathers Day gifts are homemade cards as gifts for dads.

fathers day 2021


Push out decoupage cars

Cut out all card craft card to size

Fold white card in half

Glue blue square in centre front

Place 3 silver sticker lines for roadway

Place large car sticker on top, carefully

Double-sided tape on back of 2nd car

Place on top of bottom layer

Double-sided tape on back of 3rd car

Place carefully on top

This creates a 3-dimensional car on card

Celebrating Fathers day

Dad will love and always treasure a homemade Fathers Day card from his kids.

A homemade card is perfect to show how much you appreciate him.

Create the Father’s Day greeting…

Glue large white card craft paper on top right side

Glue blue card craft paper on top of white in centre

Glue small card craft paper on top in centre

Write with blue marker pen “HAPPY FATHERS DAY”

or place a Happy Fathers Day sticker

The card can also serve as a Dad Birthday Card
  • Open the card and write your special Fathers Day greeting to say thank you for being the best dad ever!
Fathers Day

Perhaps write one of these greetings in coloured writing….

“Happy dad day… You are the best dad ever”

“I love you so much grandpa… Happy Fathers Day!”

“You are the perfect Papa Bear… I love you so much”

“Dad, I love you to the moon and back”

Dad will love your 3-dimensional Fathers Day card

Click here to learn more about diy Card Craft

Other Fathers Day cards to make

Cupcake liner flowers crafts

mothers day flowers

Mothers Day cards


Give your Mum a pretty cupcake bouquet on Mothers Day cards

Make colorful paper flowers that can be given to your Mum on a diy card on Mothers Day.

Whether it’s making special handprint flowers, colorful flower pots, pretty jewellery dishes or homemade mothers day crafts, these are always popular craft activities that kids will love creating for their Mom for Mothers Day.

Paper flower making is a favourite craft activity, particularly creating wall paper flowers. And using a colorful cup cake liner to make lovely paper flowers will surprise your Mum on Mothers day.

These cupcake liner flower crafts are fun to make and are a surprisingly easy diy craft project that kids will love doing at home or at school.

Cup cake bouquet

Mothers day cards

How to make paper flowers to give to your Mum for Mothers day.

Cup Cake Liner Flower Cards

Materials you will need :

  • Yellow card craft 10 ins x 8 ins
  • Dark green card craft for stems
  • 2 blue mini paper cup cake liners
  • 2 pink mini paper cup cake liners
  • 1 blue pom pom, 1 pink pom pom
  • Craft glue, glue stick, scissors, ruler
  • Ruler, pencil, green ribbon 10 ins

Make your Mum smile by giving her a Happy Mothers Day card with colorful easy paper flowers.

How to make paper flowers using a pretty cupcake liner



These pretty cupcake liner flower crafts will always make your Mum smile.

Fold yellow craft card in half

Cut two green stems 8 1/4 x 1/4 in

Place stem towards the bottom of card

Allow space at top for each cup cake liner

Glue one stem on an angle to the left

Glue second stem on an angle to the right

Press firmly and allow to dry

With a little help perhaps, these super simple diy craft projects will be treasured by your Mom for many years.

Cut around the edge of one pink cup cake liner

Turn pink cup cake liner inside out

Cut around the edge of one blue cup cake liner

Turn blue cup cake liner inside out


All cup cake liner petals need to face upwards

Make a bow using the green ribbon

Glue ribbon bow where stems cross

Glue the back centre of each large cup cake liner

Press large cup cakes firmly onto card at top of stems

All the petals need to face upwards

Glue the centre back of each small cup cake liner

Press firmly in centre of large cup cake, allow to dry

Glue each pom pom in the centre of each cup cake

Your Happy Mothers Day flower cupcake liner card now just needs “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings or special Happy Mothers Day messages to shower your Mom with many thanks and lots of love, because your Mum is so special.

Write special Mother’s Day greetings inside your Mothers Day cards to show how much you love her.


You can send your Mom special homemade Mothers Day gifts along with special homemade Mothers Day cards to celebrate motherhood.

mothers day cards

More Mothers Day Card ideas

Mothers Day Wishes

Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day card

wall paper flowers

Cupcake Liner

Mothers Day cards

Cupcake liner paper flowers

Mothers Day craft for kids to make


“Easy peasy” Mothers Day Cards and Crafts for kids to make

Mothers Day cards and crafts are always fun… especially when they are diy Mothers Day flower crafts using cupcake liner paper flowers.

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2020 was very different.  But Mothers Day 2021 can be celebrated with your Moms or Grandmas when your kids create Mothers Day craft cards.  You can even send a happy Mothers Day friend card or a Mothers Day funny card to someone very special.

Arts and crafts are always fun craft activities for kids. Your Mum will look forward to receiving a lovely heart card or colorful flower crafts with lovely handprint flowers on them as kid-made gifts are always treasured. 

When it comes to kids making their very own Mothers Day cards, these cards will always put a smile on your Mom’s face.  

This is a colorful Mothers Day flower card that kids will love making for their Moms or Grandmas. It is one of the “easy peasy” flower crafts and crafty ideas for Mother’s Day you will find on this website.

Flower crafts are always fun crafts for toddlers and older kids as well, especially when given with a homemade Mother’s Day gift basket with personalized Mothers Day messages.

These “easy peasy” Mothers Day cards and crafts will keep kids entertained for hours and always make good gifts for Mom on Mothers Day.

Cupcake liner paper flowers card

Craft Materials you will need …

  • Green craft card A4 size (11 3/4 ins x 8 1/4 ins}
  • Choose 3 different colored mini cupcake liners
  • 2 of each color, we have chosen blue, yellow, and green
  • 3 pom poms to match cupcake liners
  • 3 pipe cleaners, 1 x yellow and 2 x green
  • Scissors, pencil, craft glue, ruler

Instructions for:

Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day card

Your kids can better appreciate motherhood by making these colorful mini cupcake liner Mothers Day flowers cards.  This is a simple happy Mothers Day card that doesn’t require a free printable template, but it is still better than looking on line for e-Mothers Day cards.  

Fold light green A4 size card in half

Turn each cupcake liner inside out

Each cupcake liner needs to be face upwards

Glue each cupcake liner in centre only

Place carefully in place at top of the card

Cut 1/4 inch off edge of each cupcake liner

Kids will love making these easy cupcake liner Mothers Day cards and craft activities. And your Mom will love these homemade Mothers Day flower cards.

Glue small cupcake liners in centre of large ones

Measure and cut each green pipe cleaner stem

Glue one at a time onto green card

Press firmly and allow to dry

Your child could write special “Happy Mothers Day” messages and Mothers Day greetings inside their homemade Mothers Day cards.

Tie the yellow pipe cleaner into a bow

Glue pipe cleaner in place, press firmly, allow to dry

Glue each pom pom in the centre of each cupcake liner flower

These pretty Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day cards are now ready to write Happy Mothers Day messages to your Mom.

This colorful cupcake liner flower card craft can also help celebrate a special birthday as well as Mothers Day. They can be given to Moms or Grandmas who will always appreciate them.


Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Greetings

Mothers Day Card

mothers day cards

Flowerpot Printable Mothers Day Card

Instead of giving moms or grandmas the usual bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, how about creating your very own diy mothers day gifts or special homemade Mother’s Day cards?

Flower crafts are always fun craft activities that kids will love making at home or at school.  Why not give them a try?

These are super-easy Mother’s Day crafts for older children as well as crafts for toddlers, and we have included a free printable template to download. See the flower pot pictures and instructions provided.

This makes them easy crafts for kids to follow, using different coloured card or construction paper crafts.

Flower pot crafts for kids to make

Flower crafts, especially flower-pot cards, are always appreciated and treasured by Moms or Grandmas, particularly when they are homemade Mother’s Day cards.

Happy Mother’s Day funny cards are sure to be kept for a long time by Mom or Grandma in a special keepsake box, alongside other homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

Mothers day flower card and flower crafts

These flower pot Mother’s Day cards are so cute and can be displayed on the fridge with a magnet, or on a shelf to remind Mom how much she is loved.

Don’t forget the free printable Mother’s Day card template as this will help you get started creating your perfect flower crafts card.



Cream or white card craft card for card… 8ins x 8 1/2ins

Light green, olive green, orange craft card

Brown and yellow craft card

Double-sided tape, craft glue, glue stick

Scissors ruler, pen, and texta


Download the free printable template pattern

Cut out pattern and trace onto colored card

Refer to pictures of flowerpot card


Large flower and 2 circles onto orange card craft

Smaller flower onto yellow card

Flower pot shape onto olive green card

Four leaves and rim of flower pot onto light green card

Soil in flower pot and flower stem onto brown card

Cut out all these flower pot card shapes

Refer to all pictures provided

Fold cream card in half


Olive green flower pot at the bottom in centre

Brown soil in the centre of flower pot

Brown stem in the centre of flower pot

Orange flower on the top of stem

Place double-sided tape on back of yellow flower

Place carefully on top with orange edges showing

Glue first orange circle and place in centre of flower

Using double-sided tape, place on back of 2nd circle

Place carefully on top of 1st circle

Glue two leaves onto edge of stem of flower

Stick double-sided tape on 2nd layer leaves and flower pot rim

Place carefully on top of leaves and rim of flower pot

If you like, you can draw a face onto centre of flower.

Your three-dimensional flower pot card is now complete


Special Mother’s Day greetings can be written inside to show how much you love your Mom or Grandma… such as “I love you always Mom”, “I love you to pieces”, “You are the best Mom ever”, “I love you Grandma always”.


Try getting Dad or Grandpa to help create wonderful Mother’s Day cards and …….

perhaps attach it to your diy Mother’s Day gifts.

Read more about Mothers Day Cards and Gifts

Other flower pot cards

Easter Chick Project

Easter chicken


Little chickens have long been a favourite decoration during Easter.   Here is a lovely little Easter chicken project you could do with your child.


Kids will love creating these easy Easter crafts for kids that kids can make.

Easter Bunny Card
Easter Crafts Ideas

It’s that time again when the stores are chocked full of Easter bunnies and chicks.

There are adorable easter bunnies and chicks everywhere, but as usual the chocolate Easter bunny is always a stand-out favourite for everyone.

Stores selling Easter crafts and supplies are stocking their shelves with heaps of creative Easter crafts ideas that kids of all ages will love.

However, it is interesting to understand the Easter origin, including the Easter bunny origin and why Easter is an important event in the calendar.

Some cute little Easter crafts for kids to make…

Easter paper chick
Easter paper chick

This was a fun activity that I enjoyed doing with my three-year-old grandson prior to Easter.

He helped me to cut out the yellow rectangles for the chicken pattern and the beak. He also helped me to stick on the eyes, wings and feet and we had a ball!

We created the face of the chicken, placing a small blob of glue for the goggle eyes that he placed very carefully on top of the glue.

Then we also glued the beak, only sticking on half of the folded cut out paper beak.  His tiny fingers were able to stick these carefully. He is a child who pays attention to detail but not all children can do this so carefully.

Items you will need…

to make the Easter Chick

  • plastic to cover your table

  • yellow paper and orange paper

  • goggle eyes

  • pink and black markers (textas)

  • yellow and orange pipe cleaners

  • quick drying clear craft glue

  • scissors


  1. To make the beak, cut out a rectangle (3cm x 1cm) and fold it in half across the long side.

    (See video below)
Craft ideas for kids
Make a chicken beak
  • Then cut it to form a diamond shape.

  • Fold the diamond shape in half to form the beak, making the beak 1.5cm long.

  • Stick only the bottom half onto the body of the chicken.

  • Lay out the yellow body shape (18cm x 7cm).

  • Add the pink cheeks and black eyebrows, using pink texta and thin black marker.

  • Turn the body over and carefully punch two holes 4cm from each end of the body shape, half way down, just big enough for the pipe cleaner to pass through. (Refer to the photograph).

  • Take one yellow pipe cleaner, 30cm long.

  • Cut off 8cm, cut it in half to form the two top feathers, each 4cm long.

  • Run the pipe cleaner into one hole from front to back and then back through the other hole to the front

  • Then fold each end back on itself and push the ends into the holes to create the chicken’s little wings.

  • From the orange pipe cleaner, cut six 4cm pieces

  • Turn the flat body over and glue the pipe cleaner pieces on a slight angle to create the feet, each foot having 3 toes.

  • Allow the glue to dry.

  • When finished and the glue is completely dry, turn the chicken over. Bend it into a circle and tape the back with sticky tape.

  • If dry, bend the toes forward and splay slightly to form three toes on each foot.

  • When all is finished and dry, a small Easter egg can be placed in the top, to complete the decoration.

  • Have fun making your paper Easter chickens.  You could make several and put them in a little basket for display.

    Happy Easter!

    Easter chick ideas


    arts and crafts



    Making an Easter Bunny card is one of a number of easy crafts kids will always enjoy doing.  It is much easier than origami for kids to make, and they can include their own Easter greeting inside the card.

    This simple diy craft project allows your child to cut out their own real Easter Bunny along with three Easter eggs from the free template. The bunny and colorful easter eggs are then stuck onto the card.

    It is an easy Easter bunny craft activity that will occupy children for hours.

    You don’t need arts and crafts paint, just some construction paper crafts materials, to create your Easter crafts card.

    Download the free printable template so that all your little Easter “Bunnies and Chicks” can start creating some fun Easter craft.

    Homemade Easter cards can be given out to special friends.


    Green card craft 10 ins x 6 ins (26.5 cm X 16.5 cm)

    White card craft card for easter bunny card pattern

    Purple, yellow, pink, and blue card craft card

    Craft glue, ruler, pen, black texta, glue stick, scissors

    Silver pipe cleaner, pink pom pom, one pair of eyes

    Free printable template of Easter Bunny Card


    Download the free printable template for the Easter bunny card

    Cut out free printable pattern and trace onto colored card

    One white bunny, 3 colored eggs, blue bow tie and blue base

    Fold green card in half and glue white bunny pattern on front

    Glue blue bow in position and mark eyes and nose carefully

    Draw line and mouth carefully, using a black marker pen

    Glue eyes in position carefully and allow to dry

    Glue pink pom pom in position and press carefully

    Cut silver pipe cleaners and glue one at a time

    Press lightly and allow all pipe cleaners to dry

    Glue colored eggs in place and allow to dry

    Glue blue stripe basket carefully over top of eggs at base of card

    Your Easter Bunny Card is now ready to write your happy Easter greetings inside and give to a special friend.

    Other Easter Bunnies

    Mothers Day Heart Card

    crafts for kids

    Silver Hearts on a purple card

    Easy crafts for kids to make

    You can help your child to make these simple Mother’s Day heart cards.

    This is one of many Mother’s Day crafts for kids to make.  Special Mother’s Day crafts and heart cards can occupy children for hours and moms and grandmas will always appreciate them.

    Creative paper crafts for kids will develop your kids’ hand skills and are easy crafts to do at home.

    Use the free printable Mother’s Day card template to make homemade Mother’s Day cards.

    These are heart cards with a difference. A three-dimensional heart will pop off the card to show Mom or Grandma how much they are loved.

    Kids will love craft activities like this, and they can write Mother’s Day greetings for Moms or Grandmas.

    Materials you will need

    Purple card approx. A4 size

    Pattern card 6 x 8 ins

    Purple Heart template pattern

    Craft glue, glue stick, pen, ruler

    Doubled sided tape, scissors


    Download heart card free printable template pattern

    Measure and cut large purple heart card 8 1/4 ins x 6 ins

    Fold large purple heart card in half

    Measure and cut pattern card 3 1/2 ins x 5 1/4 ins, glue in centre on top

    Measure and cut small purple card 2 3/4 ins x 4 1/2 ins, glue in centre on top

    Cut out template hearts and trace onto purple and pattern card

    Cut out 2 medium size purple hearts

    Cut out 1 large and 2 small pattern hearts

    Refer to pictures of coloured heart cards

    Glue large pattern heart card carefully in centre on the front

    Glue 1st purple heart on top of pattern heart

    Glue 1 small pattern heart in the centre of second purple heart card

    Glue pattern card in position carefully

    Glue purple card carefully on top also

    Glue large pattern heart card in centre

    Glue medium purple heart card on top

    Glue small pattern heart on front of second Purple Heart

    Place double-sided tape on back of Purple Heart

    Place Purple Heart carefully on top

    Place double-sided tape on back of other small heart

    Press lightly on top

    Your DIY 3-D Mother’s Day heart card is now complete

    You can write a Happy Mothers Day funny greeting inside

    Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE BUTTON below to get your free printable Mother’s Day template

    DIY Gifts for Mom

    diy Mother’s Day Gifts

    More Mothers Day crafts

    3D Pink Heart Cards for Mother’s Day

    crafts for kids

    Easy homemade Mother’s Day cards and crafts for kids

    Diy Mother’s Day gifts will be treasured keepsakes by moms or grandmas because they know the love and effort their children have put into creating their very own Mother’s Day gifts.

    And these are also great craft activities for young children.

    Homemade Mother’s Day cards can be easy crafts and art projects for kids to do at home or school.

    Here is a free 3D pink heart card that Mom will love..



    2 purple card 8 1/2 ins x 6 ins (21cm x 15 cm)

    1 pink card 8 1/2 ins x 6 ins

    1 large white doyley approx. 5 1/4 ins width (cms)

    1 small white doyley approx. 4 ins width (10 cms)

    Ruler, pen scissors, craft glue, glue stick, double-sided tape

    Download of free mothers day heart card template


    Download the free heart card template

    Fold cut purple card in half

    Glue small white doyley center front of folded card using glue stick.

    Glue large white doyley in the centre of the open heart card

    Cut out heart card pattern from free template provided

    Cut out white hearts from template

    Trace heart shapes onto purple and pink craft card

    Cut out all purple and pink hearts, refer to picture

    Glue one small pink heart in the centre of white doyley

    Place double-sided tape on back of second pink heart

    Place 2nd pink heart carefully on top of first heart

    Open card.  

    Craft glue large purple heart card in centre of white doyley

    Press firmly as heart card will need to be folded

    Allow to dry firmly then carefully bend purple heart

    Use ruler to help bend hearts each time

    Glue large pink heart with craft glue

    Allow to dry firmly, then bend pink heart

    Glue small purple heart in centre of pink heart

    Allow to dry firmly then bend small heart card

    On front of heart card use double-sided tape on one purple heart

    Write a special Mothers Day Greeting on the front or inside the card

    Your 3D Pink Heart Card for Mothers Day is complete

    Finished pink heart card

    Now enjoy making a 3D PURPLE HEART CARD

    Flower crafts

    As well as giving the usual Mother’s Day flowers, why not create special flower crafts using our free printable templates that are fun and easy to make? Mother’s Day crafts can be handprint flowers or pretty flowerpots made from colourful construction paper crafts.

    Click here to make a 3D FLOWERPOT CARD

    Advanced Mothers Day Cards

    Exploring with Playdough

    playdough activities
    Making Playdough

    Playdough is a wonderful medium for children to explore.

    It is easy to make and is fantastic for a child to mould, having the freedom to explore different shapes.

    Making Playdough

    Playdough is easily made and can be created in various colours.

    Ingredients to make playdough…

    • 4 cups flour
    • 1 cup of warm water
    • Food colouring of your choice (red, blue, yellow, green)
    • Canola or vegetable oil
    • Salt

    Children learn when their minders allow them to know the feeling of the playdough in their hands.

    Setting up for playdough activities

    What you need…

    • Table
    • Playdough
    • Plastic sheet
    • Rolling pin
    • Cover-all apron for child
    • Plastic knife, fork and spoon

    The child can cut, score and shape the playdough in interesting formations, exploring flowers, animals, star shapes etc.

    After reading a book perhaps on dinosaurs or farm animals to your child, it might be an opportunity for an exercise using playdough.  Simply suggest that they create their own dinosaur or farm animal.  The child can then explore their own expression of the animal.

    Making Easter Eggs is one of many indoor activities for kids, using homemade playdough.

    Easter Bunny Card
    Easter Bunnies

    Click here for more Craft Ideas for Kids

    Other playdough modelling ideas