Handmade Father’s Day cards and gifts for dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is such an important day in the calendar and no doubt Father’s Day 2022 will be no exception because it is dad’s day. It’s a day when we say “Happy Father’s Day” and we can give dad Father’s day gifts, including gifts for new dads, as well as step dad gifts.

Kids will be able to make this special Father’s day origami greeting card to say thank you for being such a great dad.


Origami paper can easily be cut to size to create your very own cool Father’s day gifts.

At this time of the year, trying to think of different Father’s Day gift ideas can be difficult. However, while you’re perhaps looking for funny Fathers day gifts, why not help the kids to make one of these paper origami fun Fathers day handmade cards? Dad may not wear a tie, but I am sure he will love receiving a personalized tie Fathers Day card.


It’s so easy to make different handmade Father’s day cards

When looking to make handmade Father’s day cards, try this easy origami shirt card. It is one of many paper crafts for kids to do at home or at school.

Simply by selecting 12″ x 12″ cardstock, you can make a cool origami paper shirt card for dad.

You can make this easy origami shirt card in many different colors, and they are easy origami fun paper crafts that kids will love creating.

These EASY ORIGAMI – HANDMADE FATHER’S DAY CARDS can be made fairly quickly by using different colored contrasting card craft paper and mastering a few simple origami paper folding skills. Origami paper craft is so much fun and these father’s day shirts for kids are easy origami for beginners, as well as for those who have mastered several paper folding art projects.


For these simple origami Father’s Day handmade cards you will need the following card making supplies.

ORIGAMI PAPER – CARD MAKING SUPPLIES and 12″ x 12″ cardstock

Specialty Cardstock Starter Kit

Don’t forget to download the Easy Origami – handmade Father’s Day cards – Father’s Day tie template by pressing the download button….before you start.

Dad may not be the tie-wearing type, but I am sure he will get a surprise when he receives your special origami paper shirt card.


1 colored patterned cardstock size 12ins x 12ins

1 contrast colored cardstock for the father’s day greeting 4”x 3”

1 white cardstock piece for tie card 5 in x 4 in

Glue, scissors, ruler, pencil, marker pen

Download the Fathers day craft templates easy origami Father’s day Shirt Card Template


Fold the 12″ x 12″ cardstock lengthwise exactly in half, patterned side facing outwards

Open out card, then fold each side edge to the meet centre fold

Turn card over and fold the top edge down 1 inch across the top

Turn card back over once again

Fold the top of card over 1 inch again towards you to create another fold and turn back to reveal centre point of the origami card.

{Open back again as this fold is only a centre guide to folding the collar}

Shiatsu Neck Massager


At the bottom of the card, fold both the left and right corner sides outwards

Use a ruler to secure a straight and even firm edge to both sides, as this forms the shirt card sleeves


To create the collar of the shirt, fold the left and right top corners inwards to exactly meet the centre fold at the same point

This forms the paper shirt collar for each side

Fold the bottom of the origami shirt upwards to slip carefully under the two points of the collar at the top.

Firm down the bottom edge of the Father’s Day shirt card and score using a ruler [090]

Greeting card and tie

Using the Father’s Day template – easy origami – shirt card. Trace and cut out the Father’s Day tie and the greetings card paper patterns.

Write your personalized Father’s Day greetings on the greeting card and glue inside the completed Father Day origami card.

Glue and tuck the tie shape carefully under the collar and glue tie in place on the front of the shirt-for-father card

<These dad shirts for Father’s Day always make cool Father’s Day gifts>

So now you know how to make a paper shirt and tie card, why not make papa shirts for Father’s Day also, using a different textured cardstock shirt card design.

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