Kids Love Hand Painting

Aside from drawing and coloring, hand-painting can be a joyful experience for a toddler, allowing them to have more space for creativity and thereby paving their way to create unique works of art specific to their activities

Hand-painting is a rewarding experience, since it builds color and shape recognition skills, allowing your child to explore their sense of touch and feel with different textured materials. It is also great for fine-tuning their motor skills.

Individual Creativity

Hand-painting allows your child to explore all the different senses… touch, smell, feel, sight.  A child’s hand painting will always be unique to them because they explore their own individuality to create a unique result.

With a little imagination and exploring a range of different methods, you can create amazing artworks with your child. And the great thing about hand and finger paintings is, in being unique, they’ll feature your child’s individual fingerprints!

What you need…

  • A quiet place to paint
  • White paper
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Suitable paints that are safe to use and will wash off easily
  • A cover-all plastic raincoat or apron to protect the child’s clothing
  • Clean-up cloth and bucket with water for wiping up

Make sure you and your grandchild have fun and…

Be prepared for things to get a bit messy!

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