DIY Card Making – Materials You Will Need

You will no doubt have many of the following basic items at home, but here are a few essentials to keep on hand for when you are ready to bring to life your DIY Birthday Card ideas or any other general homemade cute card ideas.

Craft Materials
Craft Materials

You will need the following general items for your cute card ideas.

  1. Blank white cards and envelopes
  2. Blank stock, plain coloured paper, floral, striped or other coloured paper, along with coloured felt
  3. Cutting tools such as scissors (children’s and adults)… safe knife or a paper trimmer to suit
  4. Card craft glue that is reasonably quick drying plus a glue stick as well as a hole punch
  5. Patterned wrapping paper, tape – plain and patterned, pencils, texta or marker, pencil with an eraser on the end for stamp making, along with small coloured ink pads plus a pencil eraser
  6. Doubled sided mounting tape for 3D effects,
  7. Different rolls of ribbons
  8. Old cards
  9. Different coloured tissue paper plus scrap paper and wax papercraft materials
Other items to collect and put into your craft DIY birthday card ideas box are general items that will come in handy for when creating your birthday card.

These general items to collect are…

Used paper, cardboard rolls, glitter, mini and large pom-poms, string, moving eyes, icy-pole (popsicle) sticks, old buttons, bows, wool, coloured twine, pipe cleaners, beads, cut out glitter stars and other shapes and any fake flowers.

neral Craft Materials

Many of these can be purchased from good craft stores.

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