Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

Handmade Christmas Cards

Creating Christmas cards is an easy craft idea for kids to do at school or at home.

DIY Christmas Cards

Add your own personal touch to Christmas card design with cut-out festive shapes from coloured card of your own choosing.  People will really appreciate receiving a card that you have specially designed and made for them.

Make several sample cards first, then allow your children to create their own Christmas card with special Christmas greetings for friends inside.


Handmade Christmas Cards that are easy for kids to do.

To make your Homemade Christmas Cards, you will need the following:

+ White blank card

+ Coloured blank card.

+ Decorative coloured print paper

+ Coloured glitter shapes, stars, circles

+ Scissors

Easy Crafts - Craft Ideas for Kids
Christmas Crafts Materials

+ Craft glue or glue stick

+ Doubled sided adhesive tape

+ Lead pencil or pen

You can download the free PDF template to access Christmas card patterns template

This homemade Christmas card is suitable for children who can use scissors and glue.

Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Christmas Tree

Making Christmas cards can be so much fun and can be an activity that teachers, parents or grandparents can all participate in.  It’s a great way of talking about why we celebrate Christmas, giving Christmas cards and the giving of gifts.

Children love making their own creations when involved in an art and craft activity. It’s good to demonstrate each activity but it’s vital that children be allowed to express their own individuality when doing a project.  Children learn and develop when they can express their feelings through their art-work.   They will experience greater satisfaction if they are free to express themselves through using their own thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Don’t be surprised when they put their own special touch to their individual creation. It’s important to give children lots of praise and encouragement when participating in these easy crafts.

In this particular project, teachers, parents and grandparents need to encourage children to choose their own coloured printed paper, glitter and decorations to create their own special Christmas card.  They can then add their own personal Christmas greeting to someone special. inside the card

Children learn and develop when they are involved in creative art and craft activities. They develop their own thoughts, feelings and ideas about colour, texture, patterns and style when allowed to freely express themselves through art media. Freedom of expression is important for their self-development.

Instructions for making Christmas Cards

Choose plain coloured paper for your cards. 12” X. 6”. (30cm x 12cm)

Cut your paper to size

Choose coloured pattern paper for different tree designs

Download the free PDF tree design (see above)

Print the template in landscape format

Cut out your tree patterns

Trace tree pattern onto the back of the pattern paper

Avoid wastage by cutting close to the edge

Cut 3 to 6 different trees to suit your Christmas card

Test which colours go best together

Cut tree pattern carefully

Arrange your coloured trees onto different coloured cards

Decide which trees go best together

Start gluing the first tree then the 2nd and the third

Try the other tree pattern and different coloured card

Glue a star at the top of each tree

Glue coloured circles on top of tree

Glue stars on top of circles

Glue extra stars and decoration

When finished, write a special Christmas message inside your card

Have lots of fun making these lovely Christmas cards.

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