Halloween Crafts for Kids

Celebrate Halloween by helping kids create some fun and easy Halloween craft ideas.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween art activities will keep kids inspired and entertained for hours, making many of these Halloween crafts.

These fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids are perfect Halloween art activities to keep the little ones entertained and inspired for hours.

Celebrate Halloween with a special Halloween party by making these simple Halloween crafts.

WITCH HATS for Halloween

Halloween Witch Hats 2021

A Halloween witches hat is a must when it comes to celebrating this spooky season. And there is no better time of the year than October to start creating your very own Halloween witch hats.

Find the perfect witches hat to decorate the garden, from which to cast love spells.

Halloween Slime Recipe for Kids

Here is a slime recipe for kids to have fun with.

Halloween is fast approaching and making slime for kids is always lots of fun.

Many parents ask, “How do you make slime?”

If you’re looking for easy instructions on how to make slime at home, we have a very easy slime recipe with very few slime ingredients in it to help your kids make their own slime.

Our kids slime recipe has easy-to-follow slime instructions that even includes slime for toddlers. You may have the slime ingredients in your pantry already.

CLICK HERE to learn more about making slime for kids at Halloween. Just follow this easy slime recipe >>>>>>>>>>


Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to create your own colorful witch hats.

There is nothing cuter than a handmade witch hat to celebrate Halloween with friends or family.  A cute witch hat will brighten up any Halloween party and of course a Halloween party needs decorations.  Your child can bring along several tiny witch hats, celebrating Halloween.

It might also be cool to dress up your friendly furry cat with a special decorated cat witch hat.  Or even decorate your new puppy with a dog witch hat so that he will feel special too.


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