Mother’s Day Card – paper doilies – heart card


Create your own super gorgeous Mother’s Day card, by making paper doilies to create a special heart card for mom

Moms will just love this unique Mother’s Day card

Here is a super-easy Mother’s Day card…. by making paper doilies for a lovely heart card for mom.


Your don’t have to buy paper lace doilies or heart doilies for this Mother’s Day handmade card.

Paper doilies can be very useful, when it comes to creating different paper crafts. So, when looking for Mother’s Day card ideas you will find this lovely Mother’s day card is very cleverly made, by creating your own paper lace doilies.

We show you exactly how to make special paper doilies.

Instead of buying a printable Mother’s Day card, why not make your own handmade card for mother?  …Or perhaps for grandma, with special Mother’s Day messages inside.

Create Paper lace doilies, Heart card, Mother’s day card


When looking for a special card for mom or a grandma Mother’s day card, making your own handmade card for mother is always a great option. Moms always appreciate homemade Mother’s Day gifts from their kids, especially a thoughtful homemade Mother’s day card with lovely Mother’s day messages inside.

Create a beautiful heart card for Mom on Mother’s Day

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts

What better way to spoil mom on Mother’s Day than to make your own diy Mother’s Day gift.

Kids of all ages enjoy making Mother’s Day crafts, so why not check out some of our special Mother’s Day craft ideas.

We have many different Mother’s Day crafts for all aged kids.

This lace Heart Card is just the perfect Mother’s Day card for mom on Mother’s Day.


White cardstock 12 x 12 in

Pink cardstock 9 1/4 in x 5 3/4 in

Pencil, scissors, ruler. black marker, craft glue

Step by step instructions

Download the printable template before you start………

Heart card shapes

Cut out the heart card shapes and trace onto pink and white cardstock

You need 1 large white heart, 1 large pink heart and 1 small pink heart

Paper lace doilies –

To create the white paper doilies, cut out the white paper lace pattern and trace onto white cardstock 10 x 6 ins

To create rectangular doilies, trace the lace doily pattern around the edges

The outside paper doily card edge should be approx. 9 1/4 ins x 5 3/4 ins

Carefully cut out around each curved edge to make paper lace doilies

Heart card shapes

Trace pattern onto pink and white cardstock

Shower Steamers

Glue the cut-out pink cardstock in the centre of the white cardstock paper

Allow the Mother’s Day card to dry, then fold card in half

Glue the large white heart onto the centre front

Glue the small pink heart shape inside the white heart card shape

Open card, then glue large pink heart in the centre

With left over pink cardstock cut out and glue extra small hearts

A Mother’s Day card is not quite complete without lots of hearts and kisses

Now it’s time to write Mother’s Day messages inside this gorgeous Mother’s day card.

If you’re not sure what to say in this Paper lace Doilies – Heart card, here are some inspiring Mother’s day messages…

“Happy Mother’s Day”…

“You are the sweetest mom in the world”

“You make me laugh; you make me happy”

“Thank you for loving me”

“Hugs and Kisses, I love you Mum”

Moms always appreciate a homemade Mother’s day card from their kids with special Mother’s day messages, and homemade Mother’s Day gifts are always treasured.


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