Easy Art and Easy Craft Activities for Children

Easy Art Activities

On this website we feature, besides easy crafts for kids, a number of creative drawing ideas for kids.

Also, along with creative craft ideas for kids, you will find practical art projects for kids that will keep them occupied and stimulate their creative art skills.

Children love to create their own hand craft projects.  

5-minute crafts are especially popular with children, who may have a short attention span.

So, where do you find craft supplies for your art and craft projects?

Craft materials

In the USA, everybody who has an interest in creative art and craft knows of Joanne’s Craft Outlet.  Joann’s fabrics are popular amongst craft lovers. Another popular craft store is Michael’s Crafts, in both the U.S. and Canada.

In Australia, a well-known craft store is called Riots Art and Crafts.

Fun arts & crafts is a great way, not only to keep kids entertained, but to help them to craft their very own DIY projects.  

There are many easy arts and crafts to do at home, or at school, that will inspire children to make something by hand and add their very own personalised touch.

These fun easy crafts will inspire kids to try different media and create their own fun crafts to do indoors.

When you visit a craft fair or craft store, such as Joanne’s Craft Outlet, Michael’s Canada or Riots Arts and Crafts in Australia, you will find a huge array of arts and crafts materials.  Wood craft, crochet, macramé, DIY projects, or even kite making might catch your eye, but a lot of these crafts can take some time to master.

Mothers Day Cards are easy Mothers Day crafts for kids to make

Make a 3-D Pink Heart Card for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Cards and Crafts for Kids

Make simple Heart Cards for Mothers Day

Children always enjoy making their own homemade Mother’s Day Cards and kids will love creating many of these homemade Mother’s Day cards and crafts.

Moms also will treasure a personalised Mother’s Day card, especially a DIY Mother’s Day Heart Card, with special Mother’s Day greetings inside.

Find out how to make a 3D Pink Heart Card for Mother’s Day


Freddo Frog

The “FREDDO CHOCOLATE FROG” has been a favourite chocolate candy sweet in Australia for many years. He has long been loved by Aussie children.

This year, Freddo celebrates 90 years as a favorite confectionery candy bar in Australia.

The FREDDO chocolate bar comes in several different flavours and is sold throughout Australia.

Here is a simple 3-D hand craft card to make with your kids, based on Freddo Frog.

Card craft DIY projects help children hone their drawing, tracing and cutting skills, along with improving their hand-eye coordination which is very important to their development and self-confidence. Children learn to experiment, using different colored paints and pencils to create and craft their own original hand craft DIY projects.

Read more about making your own 3-D Frog Card for family or friends…

Create a Baby Elephant Gift Card

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arts and crafts

Baby Elephants are important because they grow into adult elephants that play an important role in the ecosystem of the wild. 

Here is a craft project that teaches your kids about the importance of preserving elephants in the wild, using arts and crafts media.

Craft DIY projects are fun to make and Michaels Craft Store, Riots Arts and Crafts or any craft outlet will no doubt have many 5-minute crafts projects and materials that you can use to create and craft your own gift cards with your kids.

The environment needs elephants.  Elephants have roamed the African plains for thousands of years. They are the largest mammal and have long been hunted for their ivory tusks.  But elephants are especially important to the ecosystem because the environment relies on their survival. 

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Baby elephants cannot survive without their mothers and they drink milk from their mothers until they are about two years old. 

Click here to learn how to create a Baby Elephant Gift Card…

Read more about why it is important to protect large animals like elephants?

Create and Craft a Colorful 3D Owl Card

When making DIY projects, it’s a good idea to have a reasonable-sized craft storage box.  This is where you can store such items as spare ribbon, string, lace, pretty paper craft, stickers, egg carton crafts items, plus pens, paints and brushes… all ready to create easy crafts to do with kids.

Here is a simple project that kids can make using some of the items from your craft storage box….

The people of ancient Athens regarded the owl as knowledgeable, even having the ability to offer strategic advice.

Click here to Create a Colorful Owl Card


Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

A Mother’s Day DIY Project

Children of all ages love to make Mother’s day crafts for their Mom.  And kids love to watch their Mom’s eyes light up when she opens a special homemade gift for Mom that they have tried so very hard to keep secret.

DIY Gifts for Mom
Mothers Day craft ideas

Homemade Mother’s Day ideas can keep children occupied for hours as they put their special touch on their own Mother’s Day crafts project.

These creative free printable Mother’s Day crafts are a fun activity for kids.  

CLICK HERE >>>>>>>> to learn more about making these easy Mother’s Day Craft Gift Boxes…


Homemade Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Are you looking for Mothers Day Card Ideas for your kids to make?

Your children can make a BIG Mother’s Day Card to show Mom how much they love her.

Mother’s Day Card Craft is a great way for children to develop their creative skills by making their own Mother’s Day Art Work.

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards are always gratefully received as are any Cards for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Cards for kids with Happy Mother’s Day Greetings inside are a great idea for keeping kids occupied while staying at home during the Corona virus lockdown. And Mums will end up with a Happy Mothers Day card to treasure always.

In this article you will find a big Mother’s Day Card that your child can easily make and they will even be able to write a Happy Mother’s Day funny message inside.

free mothers day cards
cute mothers day cards

We have a Mother’s Day PDF that you can download to make it even easier.

Homemade Mother’s Day card ideas aren’t always easy to find. However, these free printable Mother’s Day Cards will allow your child to express their love for Mom by writing their own Mother’s Day greetings on the inside or outside of the card.

These are easy Mother’s Day cards to make in school.  

Children could also make Mother’s Day Cards for Grandma and use different colors.

Click here to find out how to make this special Mothers Day Greeting Card…

DIY Card Making – Materials You Will Need

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It can be so much fun creating your very own DIY Birthday Cards to give to family or friends.

We have many fun creative ideas for you to explore and develop your card making ideas. You can experiment and try different things using the different ideas available to bring your very own DIY card making ideas to life!

When making craft and card projects, you will need a supply of basic craft materials.

To find out what you will need,    click here………..

Drawing for Kids

Amongst the various popular activities involved in art projects for kids, drawing is one of the best easy crafts for kids and can bring them a great sense of accomplishment. However, sometimes parents or teachers may find it difficult to think of easy drawing ideas for kids.



Hand-made Christmas Cards
Hand-made Christmas Cards

This year add a personal touch to your Christmas cards.

One of the best craft ideas for kids is making Christmas cards.

You can help them to make some unique and attractive Christmas cards that your family and friends will love.

Click here for Christmas card making instructions…

There are many easy activities for children to do at home during vacation and at other times.  One such activity is Paper Craft. 

For example, you can transform leftover cardboard into a menagerie of animals and monkey around together!

Colourful Cardboard Animal Heads

Grab a New Painting Tool

easy painting for kids

Elephant and Lion Finger Puppets

Exploring with playdough

Kids’ Craft Ideas for Easter

Art plays an important role in the development of a child’s brain