Make a Christmas Tree Card

a christmas card

Easy Christmas crafts, especially Christmas crafts for toddlers and pre-schoolers, made with construction paper, pipe cleaner and pom poms are fun and easy crafts for kids to make. Here we have a Christmas tree card that kids can make.

Christmas tree card

Kids will love spending hours creating different colored Christmas cards and attaching them to their homemade Christmas gifts or placing them with presents under the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Cards

The first known record of a Christmas greeting sent in the mail was in the year 1534.

But it wasn’t until 1843 that the practice of sending Christmas cards began.  The first cards were sent in the UK when people were encouraged to make use of the newly established “Public Record Office”, now known as the Post Office.

With the development of the printing industry, Christmas cards became more popular, even more so when the cost of mailing them dropped from one penny to half a penny.

It wasn’t until 1875 that Christmas cards were printed cheaply enough for the custom to catch on in America.

By the early 1900’s the custom of sending Christmas cards was widespread across Europe.

The first handmade cards were not created until the 1910’s and often featured foil or ribbon.

How to make a Christmas tree card



Free Christmas tree template

1 White craft cardboard

1 Red craft card 8 1/4ins x 6 ins

1 Green craft card. 6 ins x 4 ins

1 Brown card craft 2 ins x 2 ins

Ruler, paper glue, craft glue

2 gold pipe cleaners,

Scissors, pencil

Gold Pom Poms,

Colored stars


How to make a Christmas card

Download free template pattern [ Save as “template”]

Print onto A4 sheet (portrait)

Cut out Christmas tree pattern and

Trace onto white craft card and cut out

Trace and cut out Christmas tree pattern on to green and brown card

Using a paper glue stick, glue Christmas tree, then base in place

Bend one gold pipe cleaner around right edge of the Christmas tree

Using craft glue, start at the top and glue one section at a time

Press firmly on piper cleaner and allow time to dry each small section

Bend second pipe cleaner and glue each section, press and allow to dry

Using glue stick place each colored star onto Christmas tree card

Allow card time to dry and re glue sections if necessary

Your Christmas Tree Card is now complete

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The History of Christmas Card giving

How to Make a Christmas Gift Box

Gift giving is a traditional part of Christmas

Arts and crafts DIY Christmas gifts are always fun craft ideas for kids to make prior to Christmas, to place under the Christmas tree.

Giving DIY Christmas gifts

Giving at Christmas time is a special time of year when everyone celebrates the Christmas spirit…. and when children can craft their very own homemade Christmas gifts, all carefully wrapped in a homemade Christmas box, they are even more appreciated.

Kids will love placing their presents under the Christmas tree in a homemade Christmas box and homemade Christmas gifts are always appreciated by parents.

The Tradition of Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas gift giving has long been a symbolic Christian tradition and an established part of the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas gift giving is an ancient tradition that dates from beyond the beginnings of Christianity, but has since become symbolic of the Three Wise Men (The Magi) who presented special gifts to Jesus as a young child.

Tradition has it that the three wise men were also kings who travelled from the lands of Sheba, Arabia and Egypt, and their names were Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.  They were men of great learning who had studied the lights of the heavens and had discovered a new and unusual star.  To the learned people of the day, patterns of the stars all held meanings and this new star told of the birth of a new king in the land of Israel. 

These men decided to travel to Jerusalem to find the new king and they carried with them valuable gifts to offer to him.  When they eventually found the young child in Bethlehem, they bowed down and gave him the gifts they had brought… gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Christmas Gift giving was also made popular because of Saint Nicolas who was a Christian Bishop in the 14th Century who gave gifts to children.

The giving of gifts was also popularised by the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  The Christian festive season lasts for twelve days according to the liturgical year Calendar, starting 25th of December and going through to the 5th January, and Christmas gift giving continues throughout this time.

Good King Wenceslas also popularized Christmas gift giving which became more popular in Christian countries and cultures.

In later years, Christmas gift giving was encouraged more as it was commercially profitable for businesses in western nations.

In more recent years buying gifts for a co-worker and gifts for a boss as well as attending a special Christmas party have become the norm. And kids will love staying up late and leaving a special drink and gifts for a secret Santa.

Then in the morning children love the excitement of receiving a Christmas Gift especially homemade Christmas gifts.

Finding lots of presents under the Christmas tree is now all part of the whole Christmas celebrations, fun, and excitement of the festive season.

How to make…

a Christmas Gift Box

Items you will need …

+ Christmas wrapping paper

+ Christmas gift box template

+ White cardboard

+ Ruler, scissors, pen, or pencil

+ Paper glue stick, craft glue

+ 1 gold pipe cleaner or thread


Download the template [Save as “gift box template”]

Print Christmas gift box template [A4 landscape]

Cut out template pattern

Trace onto white cardboard

Using ruler, pencil in all line folds

Cut carefully around edges

Bend all line folds using a ruler

Bend backwards and forwards

Fold into a box shape. Check that lids fits neatly

Trim edges for a nice fit

Glue-stick the whole box carefully

Place glue side down onto back side of wrapping paper

Press firmly to ensure it sticks

When dry, cut out gift box pattern

Using ruler, bend all folds backwards and forwards, carefully

Re-glue edges if necessary

Glue side edge to other edge

Peg edges and allow to dry

Fold in bottom of gift box carefully

Glue folds if necessary, to hold

Place your present inside gift box

Fold gold pipe cleaner into a bow

Or if using a gold ribbon, tie a bow

Glue bow to top of gift box

Your Christmas gift box is complete

Handmade Christmas Gift Box

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Ancient gift giving traditions

The Twelve Days of Christmas” song


paper crafts for kids


When we meet at Christmas time with family and friends, special memories are created that last for a lifetime, and traditions are important.

artificial christmas trees

Kids will love making Christmas tree ornaments out of construction paper, pipe cleaner, cotton balls or craft paper.  

Making Christmas cards is a particular favourite when it comes to finding craft ideas and Christmas tree craft. Your kids may like to decorate a paper plate or craft something out of salt dough using a popsicle stick, pipe cleaner or pom-poms.

When it comes to finding Christmas cards for kids to make, there are many craft projects to choose from.

Amongst the easy crafts for kids to make are simple Christmas card gift tags to be attached to gifts to place under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is a very special time of the year, when kids will love helping to decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel, candy canes and the all-important coloured lights, along with special Christmas tree ornaments.

After the Christmas tree decorations are arranged, the Christmas wreath can be carefully hung on the front door. The outdoor Christmas decorations and lighting light up the house, announcing the arrival of the festive season.

Christmas party celebrations and families gathering together, catching up and having lots of fun at Christmas time are very special times to celebrate the Christmas season.

These traditions and special occasions create memories that can last a lifetime.

How to create your Christmas card gift tags

Gift tags are easy Christmas crafts for kids to make.


1 white firm craft cardboard

4 sheets of Christmas wrapping paper

Ruler, pencil, craft glue stick, scissors

Silver and gold ribbon, hole-punch

Silver and gold metallic markers

Template for Christmas card gift tags



Download and print the free template (Right-click > Save As “Gift Tag” > Print)

+ Cut out the four paper Christmas card gift tags

+ Trace each white paper card pattern onto one sheet of white cardboard

+ Cut out each white card tag

+ Trace each white card onto the back side of Christmas wrapping paper

+ Cut out each gift tag

+ Roll glue stick over white card on one side

+ Place in position on the back of Christmas paper AND GLUE

OR, IF EASIER for younger children to position…

 + Place glued card onto back of the Christmas paper and cut out

+ Punch hole in the centre at the top

+ Fold ribbon in half and push folded end through hole

+ Place ends back through loop at the front and pull tight

Kids will love making their very own Christmas card gift tags to attach to their special present.

Download the free pdf template…



handmade fathers day cards

The History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 19 2020, and it all began when a young woman wanted to honor her dad.

Fathers day is a special day celebrated on different dates throughout the world. It is a day when families can come together and thank their fathers and all fathers for their example, influence and contribution they have made in the home and in society at large.

Fathers day was first celebrated in 1910 because a young woman wanted to recognise and honor her father’s efforts in raising her and her younger siblings on his own, as his wife had died in childbirth.

Today, Fathers Day is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in September.  In America, it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Most of us love our dads and their contribution to our upbringing and take pleasure in giving them a gift each year to signify our love and respect.

Children love to have fun with their dads, granddads, step-fathers and other special men who are father figures in their lives, and who teach them skills and greatly influence their lives.

It has long been a tradition for many school children to create one of their own homemade fathers day cards to give their Dad.

So, there is no better way of demonstrating that Dads are special in their lives than to by creating one of our homemade Fathers Day cards.


There are many fathers day card ideas, but this particular one he will love as dads generally like to look at old vintage cars.

It’s one of many arts and crafts diy projects that teachers and parents can easily help their children participate in. Children can practise cutting and measuring skills, hand-eye co-ordination as well as develop their own creative abilities when following instructions on how to make homemade diy father’s day cards.

Follow the simple diy fathers day cards instructions on how to create your own fathers day card.




  • 3-dimensional vintage car craft picture (available from a craft store)
  • Brown craft card 10 1/2 ins x 5 1/4 ins
  • Red craft card 4 3/4 ins square
  • Small white craft card 1 3/4 ins x 1 ins
  • Small brown card 2 1/4 ins x 1 1/2 ins
  • Scissors, pencil, pen, ruler, glue
  • Double-sided tape, gold metallic marker


+ Cut all craft cards to size

+ Fold brown craft card in half

+ Glue red square in centre

+ Place road sticker in place

+ Glue vintage car

+ Place carefully in position

+ Double-sided tape 2nd vintage car top

+ Press carefully into position

+ Double-sided tape 3rd vintage car top

+ Press carefully in position

+ Double-sided tape 4th vintage car top

+ Press carefully in position

+ Glue small brown rectangle

+ Place carefully in top position

+ Write “Happy Fathers Day” message onto the white rectangle

+ Glue message in place

Your red and brown DIY Fathers Day Card is now complete

Have fun exploring more Fathers Day card ideas to surprise your dad, Grandpa or Step-Dad as they will love a personalized card to treasure.

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Create a 3D MOUSE CARD

joann's fabrics

Create this cute decoupage Mouse Card…

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were cartoon characters created in 1928 by gifted artist and animator Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney.

Ub Iwerks was the inventor of the animated cartoon.

Mickey and Minnie were animated characters who were playful musical cartoon personalities in the 1930’s and many people fell in love with them.

A popular, early TV series was called The Mickey Mouse Club and featured a lively team of young presenters who were known as the “Mouseketeers“.  

Children of the1950’s would rush home from school to watch the show on small black-and-white screen television sets.


You can obtain craft supplies from your favourite craft store or craft outlet. I suggest you visit Riots Arts and Crafts, Joanne’s or Michaels Canada.  Each outlet is an arts and crafts store and they are all fabulous places to visit, explore and purchase supplies. Your local craft fair will also have lots of supplies and ideas to create many fun projects to create and craft



  • Pattern of mouse craft card template
    • (download jpg image)
  • Dark blue craft card 7 ins x 10 ins
  • Pink craft card for ears
  • Light blue craft card for mouse
  • Ruler, pencil, pen, black texta, scissors
  • Double sided tape, craft glue
  • One pair of eyes, blue pipe cleaner

Before you begin, you will need to print the template image…

Right-click on the template image below and Save image as “Mouse Card”

Print the mouse card template pattern onto A4 paper (Fit to frame)

Let’s begin…



Cut out mouse pattern shapes

Cut dark blue craft card to size

Fold dark blue craft card in half

Trace mouse shapes onto craft card

Cut and fold craft card in half

Glue 1st mouse shape onto blue card

Glue on the first shape

Cut and arrange double sided tape

Place 2nd mouse craft card shape

Place double-sided tape both on ears

Arrange double-sided adhesive tape

Turn over, place ears carefully

Place double-sided tape on pink ear inserts

Turn over, place inserts carefully

Refer to photos for details

Place mouse ears in position

Place double-sided tape on head

Turn over, place carefully

Mark eye spot and glue eyes

Place mouse head in position

Mark nose and whiskers with texta

Cut craft pipe cleaner to size

Measure bent tail to size

Using craft glue, glue one end of tail

Add mouse nose, whiskers and tail

Your craft mouse card is now completed

Fun idea…

Write a special message inside the card,…..

“Wishing you a very happy Mouse Day!”

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craft fair


Before making a craft project, your children may enjoy exploring a favourite craft store, looking for different diy projects that are easy crafts to make… or 5 minute crafts to do in the holidays.

They will especially love visiting arts and crafts stores such as Michael’s Crafts and Riots Arts and Crafts for new inspirations, as each craft store has many varied hand craft ideas to try.

Some of these hand craft and diy projects might be wood craft activities or perhaps crochet, finger-knitting or kite-making, all of which are a lot of fun for children trying new skills.

Here is a 3-D card project based on “Freddo Frog”, that uses colored foam adhesive sheets, available from the above craft outlets.

The History of “Freddo Frog”

Freddo Frog is 90 years of age this year.  The Freddo frog candy bar was created in 1930 by Harry Melbourne, an employee of MacRobertson Chocolates Australia, when they were deciding on a new chocolate sweet. The FREDDO FROG CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR was a winner and has been enjoyed by everyone ever since.


  • 1 light green craft card 12″L x 6 1/2″ H to fold
  • 1 dark green foam adhesive sheet for leaf
  • 1 bright green foam adhesive sheet for frog
  • 1 bright yellow foam adhesive sheet for frog
  • ruler, pen, texta, craft glue, paper glue
  • scissors, 1 pair eyes, double sided tape
  • template image to trace all pattern shapes



Right-click on the image template below and Save as “Frog Card” on your computer….

  • print frog craft card image template
  • cut out frog pattern carefully
  • trace all patterns onto adhesive foam…
    • yellow frog tummy, mouth and eyes
    • dark green leaf,
    • bright green frog and legs
  • cut around foam patterns carefully
  • measure card size and fold in half

Making the card

1 Fold craft card with opening on right

2 Peel back leaf foam adhesive sheet

3 Centre leaf at the bottom of card

4 Mark black texta lines on leaf

5 Centre position of frog, and turn over

6 Peel back adhesive at top of frog

7 Place d/s tape on top of frog only

8 Place frog in centre of leaf and stick

9 Peel back yellow tummy shape

10 Place yellow tummy carefully on frog

11 Peel back small leg and place on frog

12 Peel back large leg and place on frog

13 Peel back eyes, carefully place on frog

14 Peel back mouth, place in position

15 If slightly in wrong place, gently adjust

16 Using craft glue, carefully place eyes

17 Using black texta outline mouth carefully

18 Outline around eyes also in black texta

Your 3-dimensional frog card craft is completed.

Diy projects are fun to make and your card is ready to give to a very special friend, teacher or family member.

You could perhaps change the colored craft card for a completely different color effect.

Freddo Frog

Freddo is one of Australia’s most popular children’s chocolates and is available from stores across Australia in a number of delicious flavours. Freddo is available as a 15g, a 35g size and a 200g share pack.

Freddo Frog is also available in America from Aussie Food Express.

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Create a Baby Elephant Gift Card


How to Create a Baby Elephant Gift Card…

Teach your child about animal conservation while creating this fun and colorful 3-D gift card…

Why is it important to protect baby elephants and their mothers?

Besides the fact that baby elephants are cute, does the environment really need elephants? …and why should we care?

Elephants are important to the earth’s ecosystem…

The ecosystem can be thought of as a complex machine that performs vital functions for all of us. These functions are important for both humans and animals. The whole ecosystem needs animals as much as they need it.  For example, forests and grasslands cool the planet, clean the air, and create rain clouds.

Why are elephants important?

Elephants are the largest mammals in Asia and Africa. Because of this they play a unique and irreplaceable role.  Here’s why…

First, not only do these elephants dig wells to get mineral rich water, but they leave behind footprints which can fill with water. This helps other small animals to access the same scarce resources. At the same time, these actions create micro-habitats for other small creatures such as Black Frogs that can lay eggs in the water. In fact, a single elephant footprint can turn into a miniature world full of life.

Second, elephants must eat, and they eat a lot. While grazing they are moving across their habitat, often eating about 18 to 20 hours per day. They can eat just about any plants, even ones with thorns.  

Elephants eat a lot of different grasses, leaves and branches, fruits and tree saplings and bark.  They can strip the bark off a tree, which eventually might kill the tree. This might sound destructive but realise that a dead tree also makes a good home for other animals like birds that like to nest in the hollows.

Third…Because of their large size, elephants make short work of large fruit with shells that are difficult to crack, and other animals benefit from the fruits that drop on the ground as elephants are foraging.

And finally, the plants themselves benefit because elephants are gardeners, and they deposit manure behind them.  In fact, elephants produce a lot of dung, which is important to the ecosystem. The dung protects and holds grass and plant seeds in a rich manure environment which allows these seeds to germinate. These plants and grasses grow and replenish the environment. 

So, without the elephants doing their thing in the environment, a lot of other animals would not survive.  Take out the elephants and you lose a lot of smaller species that depend on the elephants.

To take it one step further, if we compare a native ecosystem to one that’s bulldozed for development, you’re losing a lot of ecosystem services as well. The clean water that we drink and the air that we breathe are tied to that functioning ecosystem so, in the end, we all depend on those ecosystems to be healthy and vital.  

And getting back to the elephants, the native ecosystems, where the elephants are found, depend on the elephant.

So, it’s all a kind of cycle and we need elephants, especially baby elephants that grow into big elephants!

Now that we have learnt why elephants are important to the ecosystem it’s time to create another arts and crafts project.

If you don’t have a craft storage box to collect hand craft items, it may be a good idea to invest in one. You can always visit your local craft store or craft fair, as they will have a large range of craft card, paper, and many other items to choose from.  

 So, let’s create and craft this exciting 3-DIMENSIONAL BABY ELEPHANT CRAFT GIFT CARD…..


Elephant template image

Ruler, pen, pencil, scissors

Craft glue, paper glue,

Black texta, pink texta marking pens

1 pair of black eyes

1 green craft card 12″x 6″

1 pink craft card,

1 purple craft card

1 white craft card

Double sided (d/s) tape



1 Right-click and Save the template image for pattern. Print onto A4 white paper…

2 Cut out all elephant pattern shapes

3 Trace onto pink, purple, white card

4 Cut green card to size and fold in half

5 Lay out correct front side of shapes so as not to d/s tape incorrect side

6 Turn over each side for d/s tape,

7 Press lightly after each d/s tape application

8 Glue first elephant on to craft card

9 D/s tape on back of 2nd elephant (check it’s on the correct side)

10 Turn over and place exactly on top

11 D/s tape on back side of pink ears (Allow ears to show around edges)

12 Using 1st head shape, use d/s tape

13 Place on top of elephant

14 Cut along side of trunk

15 Slip tusks under trunk and secure

16 Turn over and place d/s tape

17 Mark places for eyes

18 Craft-glue each eye carefully

19 D/s tape both legs, turn over

20 Place carefully onto correct leg

21 Black texta, mark trunk and feet

22 Pink texta, mark trunk

Congratulations!  Your arts and crafts, DIY project baby elephant craft card is complete.

Elephant and Lion Finger Puppets

Here is another simple project suitable for younger kids…

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christmas craft ideas


Here is one of our easy drawing ideas for kids to do at home or at school. It’s is one of many easy crafts for kids to do during the summer break.

Fun summer crafts will happily occupy your children for hours.  Kids will learn and understand how to trace or draw a spiral onto a flat surface.  It’s an easy paper craft that demonstrates how a spiral can be made into a three dimensional work of art.  The resulting craft mobile can then be hung up to create an eye-pleasing colorful mobile that will glitter in the sun.


This spiral hanging craft mobile can be created by children as young as 4 to 5 years, if they are able to use scissors safely.

It is an easy paper craft project that will also be enjoyed by older children who may be looking for arts and crafts to do at home.


  • 1 colored craft card 9″ square (choose a favorite color)
  • pencil, scissors, hole punch
  • craft glue, colored cord
  • different colored glitter
  • 12 ” inch colored ribbon cord
  • plastic bowls, plates to trace


Cut 1 piece of colored craft card about 9″ square

Choose a plastic plate about 8 inches in diameter

Trace around plate in pencil

Choose plates or bowls in smaller sizes

1/2″ inch between each plate

Trace around each smaller plate

Allow for 1-inch circle in the centre

Mark a dot line from centre to end

Draw an overlap to next circle

Rub out line not to cut out

Start cutting from the outside

Carefully cut along overlap line

Continue to the centre circle

Allow about 1 inch or more

Carefully punch a centre hole

Turn over so no pencil marks show

Choose your glitter color

Carefully glue glitter on from centre,

Sprinkle glitter, one section or circle at a time

Repeat to cover the circle

Allow to dry between gluing

Shake excess glitter off

Repeat glue and glitter in any gaps

Allow twirl spiral craft piece to dry completely

Shake off excess glitter and store

Place both ribbon ends into hole

Tie a double knot carefully to hold

The colored craft mobile is complete

Your hanging craft spiral mobile will glitter in the sun

Your child can hang their amazing craft spiral mobile in the window, where it can sparkle and catch the light as it twirls in a gentle breeze.