Easter Bunny Flower Cards to Make

easter greeting cards

It’s always good for kids to create Happy Easter greetings cards to give to parents, friends or relatives at Easter time, especially family members. 

These are some easy printable Easter cards to make at home this year. This is a way that kids can make their own free Easter cards.

The kids can write their own message in the cards, that can be traditional religious Easter greetings or something related to the Easter bunny and the fun activities of collecting Easter eggs.

Materials You Will Need…

White card

Colored card (yellow and blue)




Craft glue


Download the free pdf template and print onto white paper (A4)

Measure and cut yellow and blue card to size

Fold cards in half

Printable Easter Cards

Cut out rabbit, flowers and grass shapes

Glue grass to the bottom of each cards (glue along the base only)

free easter cards

Glue the white rabbit onto the colored card behind the top of the grass

Glue flowers behind grass

happy easter cards

Write a “Happy Easter” greeting

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Have fun making your Easter Bunny Silhouette Cards this Easter

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