Easy Art Activities for Kids


Children love to create their own hand craft projects. Along with creative craft ideas for kids, you will find many practical art projects for kids that will keep them occupied and stimulate their creative art skills.

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Easy craft ideas for kids


There are many ways in which DIY crafts for children can bring pleasure and satisfaction to both kids and parents.

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Creative hand painting


One of the best ways of spending quality time with your children is to engage with them in home and family crafts.

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easy origami for kids


Christmas crafts for kids include great craft projects and children can make their very own Christmas tree ornaments. These can be created from salt dough, paper plate crafts decorated with pom poms or a popsicle stick and perhaps a colorful pipe cleaner.

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Colored pencil artwork

About Us

“Creative Art For Kids” was created to provide ideas for mums and dads, grandparents, teachers and others who want to help children explore creative ideas using many different types of media. Today in the era of technology, TV, computers and

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Bring out the artist that every child has within.

Monet started with a blank canvas.  He looked around at the beautiful French scenery around him.  He observed the scene, with light bouncing off the landscape in front of him.  He didn’t paint by numbers or within lines. He captured the light and shade.  He used paint and color and brush strokes to bring the scene to life.

We all have creativity within us.  We just need to develop these skills with guidance.   Our children need to be encouraged, with our help, to be more creative in the arts.  Creativity is not coloring within the lines.  It’s using the images that are within us and bringing them out into the real world by introducing different textures, media, techniques and colors… by looking around outside and discovering shapes, patterns and different forms that we can recreate in our own art.

Allow your children to express themselves with freedom.