DIY Origami – Kids Fathers Day Shirt and Tie Card

Fathers Day handmade cards

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Diy origami – shirt cards for Fathers Day

Fathers day will soon be upon us and making a diy origami personalized kids’ Father’s Day shirt and tie card is surprisingly easy for kids to do.


Learn how to make a colorful striped paper shirt card with a matching yellow tie.


When it comes to Fathers Day, making Fathers day crafts can be lots of fun, especially when kids are creating their very own Fathers day handmade cards.


Dad will no doubt get a big surprise when he receives these handmade Father’s Day cards from his kids, particularly Father’s Day shirts.


Origami shirts are not only fun craft activities for kids but help them to develop excellent hand-eye coordination skills, as well as developing their creative skills.

One of the best gifts for dad is to make cardstock paper Father’s Day shirts. A lot of dads don’t wear ties, except for dressing up, but your dad will no doubt get a surprise when he receives a very special diy origami paper shirt tie card.

To create your shirt cards for Father’s Day, simply download the diy origami kids Father’s Day shirt tie card and follow the step-by-step tutorial using the Father’s Day craft templates.

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To make this cute card craft project, you can choose any cardstock from the colored cardstock paper range. You will need different colored cardstock paper for the paper shirt card and for the tie.

DIY Origami – Kids Fathers Day Shirt and Tie Card


Patterned cardstock for shirt size…. 12” x 8 ½”

Thick cardstock for tie 4 ½” x 2”

Colored cardstock for inside shirt card greeting 3 ½” x 3 ½” square

Ruler, pencil, scissors, craft glue , marker pen

Don’t forget to download the Diy Origami – Kids Fathers Day shirt and tie card – Origami paper – shirt template

Fathers Day origami shirt card template

DIY Origami – Kids Fathers Day Shirt and Tie Card


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Fathers day craft templates are available to help you create your Father’s Day origami shirt card

Download the Father’s Day tie template above

Measure and trace the required colored cardstock patterns to size using the Father’s Day – Origami Shirt – tie card template.   [1]

Cut out the above origami paper – shirt template patterns to size.

Refer to pictures as this will help you make the correct folds

Fold the 12” x 12” origami card in half lengthwise with patterned side facing outwards

Open the card and fold each edge to meet the centre line exactly [2]


Turn card over and measure 1” down each side from the top

Turn card back over and measure 1” again from the top

Fold card over again 1” towards you and use ruler to secure fold firmly [3]

Turn folded card back over once again

Fold each outside edge to the centre fold


Turn card upside down to the other end and mark centre approx. 3 ¾” down

Fold both the left and right top corner edge outwards at an angle from the centre point mark [4]

Use ruler to flatten each edge to firm folds [5]

Fold bottom of card upwards to tuck under the shirt card collar point

Use a ruler or scoring tool to secure the edges [6]


Using the yellow-colored cardstock, measure and trace the tie card pattern and the greeting pattern using the Father’s Day – Origami Shirt – tie card template. [1]

Cut out the tie shape and the greeting rectangle


Write your special Father’s Day greetings and glue carefully inside your opened origami card [7]

Glue the colored cut-out tie onto the outside of the folded card [8]

Your diy origami kids Father’s Day shirt tie card is now complete!

fathers day card design

Dad will be thrilled when he receives this very special Origami Father’s Day shirt and tie card. Why not make another origami paper – shirt card for pop or granddad to celebrate Father’s Day as well?

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