How to make Halloween spider webs with paper plate crafts.

This is a fun craft paper plate Halloween spider web project that will keep the kids occupied for hours.

How to make a scary Halloween spider

Make a scary Halloween spider to hang on a Halloween spider web – craft paper plate

You may wonder why Halloween is scary… Perhaps the thought of walking into a Halloween spider web makes you feel creepy and not being able to brush the spider off can be quite scary.

Where Halloween is concerned, everything can be quite scary, especially if you see a large Halloween spider web with a hairy Halloween spider climbing on it.

When Halloween comes around, everyone loves decorating their house with lots of Halloween spider webbing, along with a really spooky Halloween ghost because this announces that the “the ghost from Halloween town” is ready to party.


Paper plate crafts are easy craft activities for pre-schoolers and kids at school to have fun making at home or at school. You can always buy Halloween decorations, but making your own diy Halloween projects, especially spooky Halloween spider web crafts can be very satisfying. Kids love getting involved in making their own cool Halloween paper crafts. You can get them to decorate the yard by hanging lots of scary Halloween spider webbing along with a spooky Halloween ghost.

If you’re wondering how to make Halloween spider webs don’t worry, we can show you a step-by-step guide on how to make paper plate webs to hang your scary Halloween spider on.

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With Halloween just around the corner, making these spooky decorations now will create a very scary Halloween spider theme. This is an excellent Halloween project for kindergarten as well as older kids. However, they may need some supervision using scissors, glue and drawing their Halloween spider webs. The items your will need, and the instructions are here for making your own Halloween spider web paper plate craft.

Let’s start by making a spooky spider web for Halloween.

ITEMS YOU WILL NEED – for making a paper plate spider web

1 firm white paper plate

1 black marker, 1 small black pom-pom, 1 large black pom-pom

Strong scissors or cutters, 4 long black pipe cleaners, 1 hole punch

1 set of small google eyes, craft glue, 1 pencil if needed

1 length of stretchy black cord approx. 18 in (45 cm)

You may have wondered… how much web does a spider have? I’m not sure, but it does take a long time for a spider to make a strong, intricate spider web.

Let’s get started…

INSTRUCTIONS – for making your spider web plate

Hint… You may like to draw the Halloween spider web in pencil first, then go over the lines in a black marker pen to avoid mistakes.

1. Using a black marker, draw a straight black line from the top through the centre of the white craft paper plate to the bottom.

2. Mark the half way point in each section and carefully draw the second black line from the middle left through the centre of the craft paper plate to the right.

3. Mark the halfway point again at the top left and draw a black line straight through the centre point diagonally to the bottom right point of the craft paper plate.

4. Mark the top middle right point and draw a diagonal line through the center of the plate to the bottom left side of your spider web plate.

5. Mark in pencil approx. 1-inch (2cm) points along each Halloween spider web line and start marking a curved line evenly around each center line

6. Refer to pictures to help you draw the Halloween spider webbing on your spider web plate.

7. Draw the second curved line 1 inch (2cm) around the first centre line.

8. Repeat each curved black line around the centre until you have 5 curved lines of webbing on your paper plate spider web.

You have now made your spooky spider web; however, every spooky spider web needs a very scary Halloween spider.

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INSTRUCTIONS – for making a Spooky Halloween spider

1.  Cut with strong cutters each black pipe cleaner into four equal lengths of 3 inches (8 cm) for legs.

2.  Glue the small black pom-pom to the large black pom-pom to make the body of the Halloween spider.

3.  Use a small tooth pick to keep the pom poms glued together to help the glue dry.

4.  Bend each pipe cleaner in half, then bend the shape of the leg. Refer to photos

5.  Glue first leg at the neck of the spider, then the second just behind

6.  Use toothpick to keep in place till glued, then glue the third and fourth leg towards the back

7.  Glue eyes onto the Halloween spider and allow to dry.

8.  Glue one end of the black cord underneath the spider

9.  Punch a hole at the top of the craft paper plate and poke cord thru the hole

10.  Tie a knot about 2 inches (5 cm) from spider for the plate to stay in position

11.  The Halloween spider can be lowered or pulled up on the Halloween spider webbing,

12.  Tie the other end to make a loop to hang the plate

Your spooky Halloween spider web plate is now ready to hang on a tree, decorate the front garden or hang near the front along with all your other Halloween spooky house decorations.

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