Hand-made Christmas Cards

Creating Christmas cards is an easy craft idea for kids to do at school or at home.

Add your own personal touch to Christmas card design with cut-out festive shapes from coloured card of your own choosing.  People will really appreciate receiving a card that you have specially designed and made for them.

Make several sample cards first, then allow your children to create their own Christmas card with special Christmas greetings for friends inside.


You will need the following:

White blank card
Coloured blank card.
Decorative coloured print paper
Coloured glitter shapes, stars, circles
Easy Crafts - Craft Ideas for Kids
Christmas Crafts Materials
Craft glue or glue stick
Doubled sided adhesive tape
Lead pencil or pen

You can download the free PDF template to access Christmas card patterns or template

Christmas cards
Christmas tree template
This Christmas card is suitable for children who can use scissors and glue.

Making Christmas cards can be so much fun and can be an activity that teachers, parents or grandparents can all participate in.  It’s a great way of talking about why we celebrate Christmas, giving Christmas cards and the giving of gifts.

Children love making their own creations when involved in an art and craft activity. It’s good to demonstrate each activity but it’s vital that children be allowed to express their own individuality when doing a project.  Children learn and develop when they can express their feelings through their art-work.   They will experience greater satisfaction if they are free to express themselves through using their own thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Don’t be surprised when they put their own special touch to their individual creation. It’s important to give children lots of praise and encouragement when participating in these easy crafts.

In this particular project, teachers, parents and grandparents need to encourage children to choose their own coloured printed paper, glitter and decorations to create their own special Christmas card.  They can then add their own personal Christmas greeting to someone special. inside the card

Children learn and develop when they are involved in creative art and craft activities. They develop their own thoughts, feelings and ideas about colour, texture, patterns and style when allowed to freely express themselves through art media. Freedom of expression is important for their self-development.

Instructions for making Christmas Cards

Choose plain coloured paper for your cards. 12” X. 6”. (30cm x 12cm)

Cut your paper to size

Choose coloured pattern paper for different tree designs

Download the free PDF tree design

Print the template in landscape format

Cut out your tree patterns

Trace tree pattern onto the back of the pattern paper

Avoid wastage by cutting close to the edge

Cut 3 to 6 different trees to suit your Christmas card

Test which colours go best together

Cut tree pattern carefully

Arrange your coloured trees onto different coloured cards

Decide which trees go best together

Start gluing the first tree then the 2nd and the third

Try the other tree pattern and different coloured card

Glue a star at the top of each tree

Glue coloured circles on top of tree

Glue stars on top of circles

Glue extra stars and decoration

When finished, write a special Christmas message inside your card

Have lots of fun making these lovely Christmas cards.

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Create a Baby Elephant Gift Card


How to Create a Baby Elephant Gift Card…

Teach your child about animal conservation while creating this fun and colorful 3-D gift card…

Why is it important to protect baby elephants and their mothers?

Besides the fact that baby elephants are cute, does the environment really need elephants? …and why should we care?

Elephants are important to the earth’s ecosystem…

The ecosystem can be thought of as a complex machine that performs vital functions for all of us. These functions are important for both humans and animals. The whole ecosystem needs animals as much as they need it.  For example, forests and grasslands cool the planet, clean the air, and create rain clouds.

Why are elephants important?

Elephants are the largest mammals in Asia and Africa. Because of this they play a unique and irreplaceable role.  Here’s why…

First, not only do these elephants dig wells to get mineral rich water, but they leave behind footprints which can fill with water. This helps other small animals to access the same scarce resources. At the same time, these actions create micro-habitats for other small creatures such as Black Frogs that can lay eggs in the water. In fact, a single elephant footprint can turn into a miniature world full of life.

Second, elephants must eat, and they eat a lot. While grazing they are moving across their habitat, often eating about 18 to 20 hours per day. They can eat just about any plants, even ones with thorns.  

Elephants eat a lot of different grasses, leaves and branches, fruits and tree saplings and bark.  They can strip the bark off a tree, which eventually might kill the tree. This might sound destructive but realise that a dead tree also makes a good home for other animals like birds that like to nest in the hollows.

Third…Because of their large size, elephants make short work of large fruit with shells that are difficult to crack, and other animals benefit from the fruits that drop on the ground as elephants are foraging.

And finally, the plants themselves benefit because elephants are gardeners, and they deposit manure behind them.  In fact, elephants produce a lot of dung, which is important to the ecosystem. The dung protects and holds grass and plant seeds in a rich manure environment which allows these seeds to germinate. These plants and grasses grow and replenish the environment. 

So, without the elephants doing their thing in the environment, a lot of other animals would not survive.  Take out the elephants and you lose a lot of smaller species that depend on the elephants.

To take it one step further, if we compare a native ecosystem to one that’s bulldozed for development, you’re losing a lot of ecosystem services as well. The clean water that we drink and the air that we breathe are tied to that functioning ecosystem so, in the end, we all depend on those ecosystems to be healthy and vital.  

And getting back to the elephants, the native ecosystems, where the elephants are found, depend on the elephant.

So, it’s all a kind of cycle and we need elephants, especially baby elephants that grow into big elephants!

Now that we have learnt why elephants are important to the ecosystem it’s time to create another arts and crafts project.

If you don’t have a craft storage box to collect hand craft items, it may be a good idea to invest in one. You can always visit your local craft store or craft fair, as they will have a large range of craft card, paper, and many other items to choose from.  

 So, let’s create and craft this exciting 3-DIMENSIONAL BABY ELEPHANT CRAFT GIFT CARD…..


Elephant template image

Ruler, pen, pencil, scissors

Craft glue, paper glue,

Black texta, pink texta marking pens

1 pair of black eyes

1 green craft card 12″x 6″

1 pink craft card,

1 purple craft card

1 white craft card

Double sided (d/s) tape



1 Right-click and Save the template image for pattern. Print onto A4 white paper…

2 Cut out all elephant pattern shapes

3 Trace onto pink, purple, white card

4 Cut green card to size and fold in half

5 Lay out correct front side of shapes so as not to d/s tape incorrect side

6 Turn over each side for d/s tape,

7 Press lightly after each d/s tape application

8 Glue first elephant on to craft card

9 D/s tape on back of 2nd elephant (check it’s on the correct side)

10 Turn over and place exactly on top

11 D/s tape on back side of pink ears (Allow ears to show around edges)

12 Using 1st head shape, use d/s tape

13 Place on top of elephant

14 Cut along side of trunk

15 Slip tusks under trunk and secure

16 Turn over and place d/s tape

17 Mark places for eyes

18 Craft-glue each eye carefully

19 D/s tape both legs, turn over

20 Place carefully onto correct leg

21 Black texta, mark trunk and feet

22 Pink texta, mark trunk

Congratulations!  Your arts and crafts, DIY project baby elephant craft card is complete.

Elephant and Lion Finger Puppets

Here is another simple project suitable for younger kids…

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