How to Make a Christmas Gift Box

Gift giving is a traditional part of Christmas

Arts and crafts DIY Christmas gifts are always fun craft ideas for kids to make prior to Christmas, to place under the Christmas tree.

Giving DIY Christmas gifts

Giving at Christmas time is a special time of year when everyone celebrates the Christmas spirit…. and when children can craft their very own homemade Christmas gifts, all carefully wrapped in a homemade Christmas box, they are even more appreciated.

Kids will love placing their presents under the Christmas tree in a homemade Christmas box and homemade Christmas gifts are always appreciated by parents.

The Tradition of Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas gift giving has long been a symbolic Christian tradition and an established part of the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas gift giving is an ancient tradition that dates from beyond the beginnings of Christianity, but has since become symbolic of the Three Wise Men (The Magi) who presented special gifts to Jesus as a young child.

Tradition has it that the three wise men were also kings who travelled from the lands of Sheba, Arabia and Egypt, and their names were Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.  They were men of great learning who had studied the lights of the heavens and had discovered a new and unusual star.  To the learned people of the day, patterns of the stars all held meanings and this new star told of the birth of a new king in the land of Israel. 

These men decided to travel to Jerusalem to find the new king and they carried with them valuable gifts to offer to him.  When they eventually found the young child in Bethlehem, they bowed down and gave him the gifts they had brought… gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Christmas Gift giving was also made popular because of Saint Nicolas who was a Christian Bishop in the 14th Century who gave gifts to children.

The giving of gifts was also popularised by the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  The Christian festive season lasts for twelve days according to the liturgical year Calendar, starting 25th of December and going through to the 5th January, and Christmas gift giving continues throughout this time.

Good King Wenceslas also popularized Christmas gift giving which became more popular in Christian countries and cultures.

In later years, Christmas gift giving was encouraged more as it was commercially profitable for businesses in western nations.

In more recent years buying gifts for a co-worker and gifts for a boss as well as attending a special Christmas party have become the norm. And kids will love staying up late and leaving a special drink and gifts for a secret Santa.

Then in the morning children love the excitement of receiving a Christmas Gift especially homemade Christmas gifts.

Finding lots of presents under the Christmas tree is now all part of the whole Christmas celebrations, fun, and excitement of the festive season.

How to make…

a Christmas Gift Box

Items you will need …

+ Christmas wrapping paper

+ Christmas gift box template

+ White cardboard

+ Ruler, scissors, pen, or pencil

+ Paper glue stick, craft glue

+ 1 gold pipe cleaner or thread


Download the template [Save as “gift box template”]

Print Christmas gift box template [A4 landscape]

Cut out template pattern

Trace onto white cardboard

Using ruler, pencil in all line folds

Cut carefully around edges

Bend all line folds using a ruler

Bend backwards and forwards

Fold into a box shape. Check that lids fits neatly

Trim edges for a nice fit

Glue-stick the whole box carefully

Place glue side down onto back side of wrapping paper

Press firmly to ensure it sticks

When dry, cut out gift box pattern

Using ruler, bend all folds backwards and forwards, carefully

Re-glue edges if necessary

Glue side edge to other edge

Peg edges and allow to dry

Fold in bottom of gift box carefully

Glue folds if necessary, to hold

Place your present inside gift box

Fold gold pipe cleaner into a bow

Or if using a gold ribbon, tie a bow

Glue bow to top of gift box

Your Christmas gift box is complete

Handmade Christmas Gift Box

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christmas craft ideas


Here is one of our easy drawing ideas for kids to do at home or at school. It’s is one of many easy crafts for kids to do during the summer break.

Fun summer crafts will happily occupy your children for hours.  Kids will learn and understand how to trace or draw a spiral onto a flat surface.  It’s an easy paper craft that demonstrates how a spiral can be made into a three dimensional work of art.  The resulting craft mobile can then be hung up to create an eye-pleasing colorful mobile that will glitter in the sun.


This spiral hanging craft mobile can be created by children as young as 4 to 5 years, if they are able to use scissors safely.

It is an easy paper craft project that will also be enjoyed by older children who may be looking for arts and crafts to do at home.


  • 1 colored craft card 9″ square (choose a favorite color)
  • pencil, scissors, hole punch
  • craft glue, colored cord
  • different colored glitter
  • 12 ” inch colored ribbon cord
  • plastic bowls, plates to trace


Cut 1 piece of colored craft card about 9″ square

Choose a plastic plate about 8 inches in diameter

Trace around plate in pencil

Choose plates or bowls in smaller sizes

1/2″ inch between each plate

Trace around each smaller plate

Allow for 1-inch circle in the centre

Mark a dot line from centre to end

Draw an overlap to next circle

Rub out line not to cut out

Start cutting from the outside

Carefully cut along overlap line

Continue to the centre circle

Allow about 1 inch or more

Carefully punch a centre hole

Turn over so no pencil marks show

Choose your glitter color

Carefully glue glitter on from centre,

Sprinkle glitter, one section or circle at a time

Repeat to cover the circle

Allow to dry between gluing

Shake excess glitter off

Repeat glue and glitter in any gaps

Allow twirl spiral craft piece to dry completely

Shake off excess glitter and store

Place both ribbon ends into hole

Tie a double knot carefully to hold

The colored craft mobile is complete

Your hanging craft spiral mobile will glitter in the sun

Your child can hang their amazing craft spiral mobile in the window, where it can sparkle and catch the light as it twirls in a gentle breeze.