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How to make your own Santa Puppets   

These super easy Santa craft finger puppets make the perfect Christmas craft ideas, especially crafts for 5-year-olds.

Craft from toilet paper rolls  

When Christmas is fast approaching, it’s that time of the year when people are busy looking for fun crafts to do at home with all the family. So why not try making these cute finger puppets?

If you have never made paper finger puppets before, you will be surprised, because these simple finger puppets are such easy craft ideas you can make fairly quickly, making colored craft from toilet paper rolls.

The kids could try making the whole family finger puppets.

So why not try making Santa craft just using simple craft material from toilet paper rolls?

Christmas tree crafts, including these finger puppets, are very easy crafts for all the family to make.

Finger puppet making is a great way to encourage kids to get creative and make each of their Santa puppets talk. Kids will have fun making their individual finger puppets talk.


Why not make family finger puppets to hang on the Christmas tree or special Santa diy ornaments for the Christmas table?

To make your FINGER PUPPETS SANTA CRAFT toilet paper roll crafts you will need the following materials


Red craft paper size

Yellow craft paper

Black craft paper

Scissors, ruler, pencil

Craft glue, small googly eyes

Several white cotton balls


Measure and cut the red paper to fit around the toilet roll holder

Glue the red paper to the toilet roll holder

Cut a black strip of paper to fit around the toilet roll for the belt

Cut a small square of yellow paper for the buckle

Fold in half and cut out an inside square

Cut a red paper triangle to fit inside the toilet roll to make a hat

Glue the red hat inside the toilet roll

Glue 2 googley eyes in place at the top

Pull apart each cotton roll and glue 1 or 2 around the hat

Glue another cotton ball at the top of Santa’s hat

Glue more pulled out cotton balls and glue around the bottom of the jacket

Glue the black strip of paper right around the bottom of Santa’s jacket

Glue the yellow buckle in the centre over the black belt

Santa now has a black belt and yellow buckle

Using the black marker pen, draw a smile on Santa’s face

Make a hole in Santa’s hat, attach string to hang your Santa craft finger puppet on the Christmas tree… or

Sit your Santa finger puppet on a tree branch, on a shelf or on the decorated Christmas table.

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