This Halloween witch is one of our popular paper plate crafts.   We found it was so easy to make your own Halloween witch decor.

If you are searching for witch decorations, especially hanging Halloween witch decor, this is an easy craft item to make.

When it comes to Halloween witch decor, this scary witch is ideal. She is a Halloween flying witch wearing a wicked witch costume on a magical flying Halloween broomstick. This flying witch decoration looks just right with her special flying witch broomstick; she is silhouetted against the glowing moon that’s lighting up the night sky. This Halloween witch is wearing the perfect witch costume for witch party decorations.

This scary witch makes a flying witch Halloween decoration on her magic Halloween broomstick, silhouetted against a full moon that lights up the night sky.


This is one of our favourite paper Halloween crafts your kids will also enjoy making . Paper plate crafts are so versatile, and they come in handy for so many different art and craft for kids. We thought, why not make our own flying witch decoration this year and hang in the garden.

We had so much fun making these paper plate Halloween crafts.

Using the pack of white paper plate crafts that I already had in the cupboard and some black cardstock, we set to work creating lots of paper plate Halloween crafts. We wanted to hang our Halloween witch decoration from the trees in our front garden. The idea was that each Halloween witch wore a medieval witch costume and when we placed the Halloween witch on a white paper plate, this would represent the moon in the sky. Our diy Halloween paper decorations are not only easy to make, but these paper plate outdoor witches were a big hit with everyone.


So why not make your own Halloween witch using black cardstock and white paper plate crafts. Using very few materials plus a few helping hands, you could also make quite a lot of of these witch decorations fairly quickly. Once finished, you could perhaps hang your special flying witch decoration on the front door or in the front garden, as we did.

As these outdoor witches are easy paper plate crafts for all aged kids, making several different sized outdoor witch decor hanging on paper plates would look amazing on any front porch.



To create your witch decorations, you will need the following items…

Download the free printable template.

Halloween witch – paper plate crafts – witch decoration

Black cardstock 12 in x 12 in to make one Halloween witch

Scissors, pencil, craft glue

Fishing line, hole punch



Several different sized white paper plates

Download the Halloween witch – free printable template

Cut out the Halloween witch

Trace onto black cardstock and cut out the flying witch decoration

It you are making more than one Halloween witch, cut these out also

Young children may need a little help cutting each witch costume out

Punch a hole at the top of each of the witch paper plates

Tie a short length of fishing line to hang each Halloween paper plate


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