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Give your Mum a pretty cupcake bouquet on Mothers Day cards

Make colorful paper flowers that can be given to your Mum on a diy card on Mothers Day.

Whether it’s making special handprint flowers, colorful flower pots, pretty jewellery dishes or homemade mothers day crafts, these are always popular craft activities that kids will love creating for their Mom for Mothers Day.

Paper flower making is a favourite craft activity, particularly creating wall paper flowers. And using a colorful cup cake liner to make lovely paper flowers will surprise your Mum on Mothers day.

These cupcake liner flower crafts are fun to make and are a surprisingly easy diy craft project that kids will love doing at home or at school.

Cup cake bouquet

Mothers day cards

How to make paper flowers to give to your Mum for Mothers day.

Cup Cake Liner Flower Cards

Materials you will need :

  • Yellow card craft 10 ins x 8 ins
  • Dark green card craft for stems
  • 2 blue mini paper cup cake liners
  • 2 pink mini paper cup cake liners
  • 1 blue pom pom, 1 pink pom pom
  • Craft glue, glue stick, scissors, ruler
  • Ruler, pencil, green ribbon 10 ins

Make your Mum smile by giving her a Happy Mothers Day card with colorful easy paper flowers.

How to make paper flowers using a pretty cupcake liner



These pretty cupcake liner flower crafts will always make your Mum smile.

Fold yellow craft card in half

Cut two green stems 8 1/4 x 1/4 in

Place stem towards the bottom of card

Allow space at top for each cup cake liner

Glue one stem on an angle to the left

Glue second stem on an angle to the right

Press firmly and allow to dry

With a little help perhaps, these super simple diy craft projects will be treasured by your Mom for many years.

Cut around the edge of one pink cup cake liner

Turn pink cup cake liner inside out

Cut around the edge of one blue cup cake liner

Turn blue cup cake liner inside out


All cup cake liner petals need to face upwards

Make a bow using the green ribbon

Glue ribbon bow where stems cross

Glue the back centre of each large cup cake liner

Press large cup cakes firmly onto card at top of stems

All the petals need to face upwards

Glue the centre back of each small cup cake liner

Press firmly in centre of large cup cake, allow to dry

Glue each pom pom in the centre of each cup cake

Your Happy Mothers Day flower cupcake liner card now just needs “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings or special Happy Mothers Day messages to shower your Mom with many thanks and lots of love, because your Mum is so special.

Write special Mother’s Day greetings inside your Mothers Day cards to show how much you love her.


You can send your Mom special homemade Mothers Day gifts along with special homemade Mothers Day cards to celebrate motherhood.

mothers day cards

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Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day card

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Mothers Day cards

Cupcake liner paper flowers

Mothers Day craft for kids to make


“Easy peasy” Mothers Day Cards and Crafts for kids to make

Mothers Day cards and crafts are always fun… especially when they are diy Mothers Day flower crafts using cupcake liner paper flowers.

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2020 was very different.  But Mothers Day 2021 can be celebrated with your Moms or Grandmas when your kids create Mothers Day craft cards.  You can even send a happy Mothers Day friend card or a Mothers Day funny card to someone very special.

Arts and crafts are always fun craft activities for kids. Your Mum will look forward to receiving a lovely heart card or colorful flower crafts with lovely handprint flowers on them as kid-made gifts are always treasured. 

When it comes to kids making their very own Mothers Day cards, these cards will always put a smile on your Mom’s face.  

This is a colorful Mothers Day flower card that kids will love making for their Moms or Grandmas. It is one of the “easy peasy” flower crafts and crafty ideas for Mother’s Day you will find on this website.

Flower crafts are always fun crafts for toddlers and older kids as well, especially when given with a homemade Mother’s Day gift basket with personalized Mothers Day messages.

These “easy peasy” Mothers Day cards and crafts will keep kids entertained for hours and always make good gifts for Mom on Mothers Day.

Cupcake liner paper flowers card

Craft Materials you will need …

  • Green craft card A4 size (11 3/4 ins x 8 1/4 ins}
  • Choose 3 different colored mini cupcake liners
  • 2 of each color, we have chosen blue, yellow, and green
  • 3 pom poms to match cupcake liners
  • 3 pipe cleaners, 1 x yellow and 2 x green
  • Scissors, pencil, craft glue, ruler

Instructions for:

Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day card

Your kids can better appreciate motherhood by making these colorful mini cupcake liner Mothers Day flowers cards.  This is a simple happy Mothers Day card that doesn’t require a free printable template, but it is still better than looking on line for e-Mothers Day cards.  

Fold light green A4 size card in half

Turn each cupcake liner inside out

Each cupcake liner needs to be face upwards

Glue each cupcake liner in centre only

Place carefully in place at top of the card

Cut 1/4 inch off edge of each cupcake liner

Kids will love making these easy cupcake liner Mothers Day cards and craft activities. And your Mom will love these homemade Mothers Day flower cards.

Glue small cupcake liners in centre of large ones

Measure and cut each green pipe cleaner stem

Glue one at a time onto green card

Press firmly and allow to dry

Your child could write special “Happy Mothers Day” messages and Mothers Day greetings inside their homemade Mothers Day cards.

Tie the yellow pipe cleaner into a bow

Glue pipe cleaner in place, press firmly, allow to dry

Glue each pom pom in the centre of each cupcake liner flower

These pretty Cupcake liner flowers Mothers Day cards are now ready to write Happy Mothers Day messages to your Mom.

This colorful cupcake liner flower card craft can also help celebrate a special birthday as well as Mothers Day. They can be given to Moms or Grandmas who will always appreciate them.


Mothers Day Greetings