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Making an Easter Bunny card is one of a number of easy crafts kids will always enjoy doing.  It is much easier than origami for kids to make, and they can include their own Easter greeting inside the card.

This simple diy craft project allows your child to cut out their own real Easter Bunny along with three Easter eggs from the free template. The bunny and colorful easter eggs are then stuck onto the card.

It is an easy Easter bunny craft activity that will occupy children for hours.

You don’t need arts and crafts paint, just some construction paper crafts materials, to create your Easter crafts card.

Download the free printable template so that all your little Easter “Bunnies and Chicks” can start creating some fun Easter craft.

Homemade Easter cards can be given out to special friends.


Green card craft 10 ins x 6 ins (26.5 cm X 16.5 cm)

White card craft card for easter bunny card pattern

Purple, yellow, pink, and blue card craft card

Craft glue, ruler, pen, black texta, glue stick, scissors

Silver pipe cleaner, pink pom pom, one pair of eyes

Free printable template of Easter Bunny Card


Download the free printable template for the Easter bunny card

Cut out free printable pattern and trace onto colored card

One white bunny, 3 colored eggs, blue bow tie and blue base

Fold green card in half and glue white bunny pattern on front

Glue blue bow in position and mark eyes and nose carefully

Draw line and mouth carefully, using a black marker pen

Glue eyes in position carefully and allow to dry

Glue pink pom pom in position and press carefully

Cut silver pipe cleaners and glue one at a time

Press lightly and allow all pipe cleaners to dry

Glue colored eggs in place and allow to dry

Glue blue stripe basket carefully over top of eggs at base of card

Your Easter Bunny Card is now ready to write your happy Easter greetings inside and give to a special friend.

Other Easter Bunnies

Mothers Day Heart Card

crafts for kids

Silver Hearts on a purple card

Easy crafts for kids to make

You can help your child to make these simple Mother’s Day heart cards.

This is one of many Mother’s Day crafts for kids to make.  Special Mother’s Day crafts and heart cards can occupy children for hours and moms and grandmas will always appreciate them.

Creative paper crafts for kids will develop your kids’ hand skills and are easy crafts to do at home.

Use the free printable Mother’s Day card template to make homemade Mother’s Day cards.

These are heart cards with a difference. A three-dimensional heart will pop off the card to show Mom or Grandma how much they are loved.

Kids will love craft activities like this, and they can write Mother’s Day greetings for Moms or Grandmas.

Materials you will need

Purple card approx. A4 size

Pattern card 6 x 8 ins

Purple Heart template pattern

Craft glue, glue stick, pen, ruler

Doubled sided tape, scissors


Download heart card free printable template pattern

Measure and cut large purple heart card 8 1/4 ins x 6 ins

Fold large purple heart card in half

Measure and cut pattern card 3 1/2 ins x 5 1/4 ins, glue in centre on top

Measure and cut small purple card 2 3/4 ins x 4 1/2 ins, glue in centre on top

Cut out template hearts and trace onto purple and pattern card

Cut out 2 medium size purple hearts

Cut out 1 large and 2 small pattern hearts

Refer to pictures of coloured heart cards

Glue large pattern heart card carefully in centre on the front

Glue 1st purple heart on top of pattern heart

Glue 1 small pattern heart in the centre of second purple heart card

Glue pattern card in position carefully

Glue purple card carefully on top also

Glue large pattern heart card in centre

Glue medium purple heart card on top

Glue small pattern heart on front of second Purple Heart

Place double-sided tape on back of Purple Heart

Place Purple Heart carefully on top

Place double-sided tape on back of other small heart

Press lightly on top

Your DIY 3-D Mother’s Day heart card is now complete

You can write a Happy Mothers Day funny greeting inside

Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE BUTTON below to get your free printable Mother’s Day template

DIY Gifts for Mom

diy Mother’s Day Gifts

More Mothers Day crafts

3D Pink Heart Cards for Mother’s Day

crafts for kids

Easy homemade Mother’s Day cards and crafts for kids

Diy Mother’s Day gifts will be treasured keepsakes by moms or grandmas because they know the love and effort their children have put into creating their very own Mother’s Day gifts.

And these are also great craft activities for young children.

Homemade Mother’s Day cards can be easy crafts and art projects for kids to do at home or school.

Here is a free 3D pink heart card that Mom will love..



2 purple card 8 1/2 ins x 6 ins (21cm x 15 cm)

1 pink card 8 1/2 ins x 6 ins

1 large white doyley approx. 5 1/4 ins width (cms)

1 small white doyley approx. 4 ins width (10 cms)

Ruler, pen scissors, craft glue, glue stick, double-sided tape

Download of free mothers day heart card template


Download the free heart card template

Fold cut purple card in half

Glue small white doyley center front of folded card using glue stick.

Glue large white doyley in the centre of the open heart card

Cut out heart card pattern from free template provided

Cut out white hearts from template

Trace heart shapes onto purple and pink craft card

Cut out all purple and pink hearts, refer to picture

Glue one small pink heart in the centre of white doyley

Place double-sided tape on back of second pink heart

Place 2nd pink heart carefully on top of first heart

Open card.  

Craft glue large purple heart card in centre of white doyley

Press firmly as heart card will need to be folded

Allow to dry firmly then carefully bend purple heart

Use ruler to help bend hearts each time

Glue large pink heart with craft glue

Allow to dry firmly, then bend pink heart

Glue small purple heart in centre of pink heart

Allow to dry firmly then bend small heart card

On front of heart card use double-sided tape on one purple heart

Write a special Mothers Day Greeting on the front or inside the card

Your 3D Pink Heart Card for Mothers Day is complete

Finished pink heart card

Now enjoy making a 3D PURPLE HEART CARD

Flower crafts

As well as giving the usual Mother’s Day flowers, why not create special flower crafts using our free printable templates that are fun and easy to make? Mother’s Day crafts can be handprint flowers or pretty flowerpots made from colourful construction paper crafts.

Click here to make a 3D FLOWERPOT CARD

Advanced Mothers Day Cards