Make a Christmas Tree Card

a christmas card

Easy Christmas crafts, especially Christmas crafts for toddlers and pre-schoolers, made with construction paper, pipe cleaner and pom poms are fun and easy crafts for kids to make. Here we have a Christmas tree card that kids can make.

Christmas tree card

Kids will love spending hours creating different colored Christmas cards and attaching them to their homemade Christmas gifts or placing them with presents under the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Cards

The first known record of a Christmas greeting sent in the mail was in the year 1534.

But it wasn’t until 1843 that the practice of sending Christmas cards began.  The first cards were sent in the UK when people were encouraged to make use of the newly established “Public Record Office”, now known as the Post Office.

With the development of the printing industry, Christmas cards became more popular, even more so when the cost of mailing them dropped from one penny to half a penny.

It wasn’t until 1875 that Christmas cards were printed cheaply enough for the custom to catch on in America.

By the early 1900’s the custom of sending Christmas cards was widespread across Europe.

The first handmade cards were not created until the 1910’s and often featured foil or ribbon.

How to make a Christmas tree card



Free Christmas tree template

1 White craft cardboard

1 Red craft card 8 1/4ins x 6 ins

1 Green craft card. 6 ins x 4 ins

1 Brown card craft 2 ins x 2 ins

Ruler, paper glue, craft glue

2 gold pipe cleaners,

Scissors, pencil

Gold Pom Poms,

Colored stars


How to make a Christmas card

Download free template pattern [ Save as “template”]

Print onto A4 sheet (portrait)

Cut out Christmas tree pattern and

Trace onto white craft card and cut out

Trace and cut out Christmas tree pattern on to green and brown card

Using a paper glue stick, glue Christmas tree, then base in place

Bend one gold pipe cleaner around right edge of the Christmas tree

Using craft glue, start at the top and glue one section at a time

Press firmly on piper cleaner and allow time to dry each small section

Bend second pipe cleaner and glue each section, press and allow to dry

Using glue stick place each colored star onto Christmas tree card

Allow card time to dry and re glue sections if necessary

Your Christmas Tree Card is now complete

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The History of Christmas Card giving

How to Make a Christmas Gift Box

Gift giving is a traditional part of Christmas

Arts and crafts DIY Christmas gifts are always fun craft ideas for kids to make prior to Christmas, to place under the Christmas tree.

Giving DIY Christmas gifts

Giving at Christmas time is a special time of year when everyone celebrates the Christmas spirit…. and when children can craft their very own homemade Christmas gifts, all carefully wrapped in a homemade Christmas box, they are even more appreciated.

Kids will love placing their presents under the Christmas tree in a homemade Christmas box and homemade Christmas gifts are always appreciated by parents.

The Tradition of Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas gift giving has long been a symbolic Christian tradition and an established part of the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas gift giving is an ancient tradition that dates from beyond the beginnings of Christianity, but has since become symbolic of the Three Wise Men (The Magi) who presented special gifts to Jesus as a young child.

Tradition has it that the three wise men were also kings who travelled from the lands of Sheba, Arabia and Egypt, and their names were Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.  They were men of great learning who had studied the lights of the heavens and had discovered a new and unusual star.  To the learned people of the day, patterns of the stars all held meanings and this new star told of the birth of a new king in the land of Israel. 

These men decided to travel to Jerusalem to find the new king and they carried with them valuable gifts to offer to him.  When they eventually found the young child in Bethlehem, they bowed down and gave him the gifts they had brought… gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Christmas Gift giving was also made popular because of Saint Nicolas who was a Christian Bishop in the 14th Century who gave gifts to children.

The giving of gifts was also popularised by the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  The Christian festive season lasts for twelve days according to the liturgical year Calendar, starting 25th of December and going through to the 5th January, and Christmas gift giving continues throughout this time.

Good King Wenceslas also popularized Christmas gift giving which became more popular in Christian countries and cultures.

In later years, Christmas gift giving was encouraged more as it was commercially profitable for businesses in western nations.

In more recent years buying gifts for a co-worker and gifts for a boss as well as attending a special Christmas party have become the norm. And kids will love staying up late and leaving a special drink and gifts for a secret Santa.

Then in the morning children love the excitement of receiving a Christmas Gift especially homemade Christmas gifts.

Finding lots of presents under the Christmas tree is now all part of the whole Christmas celebrations, fun, and excitement of the festive season.

How to make…

a Christmas Gift Box

Items you will need …

+ Christmas wrapping paper

+ Christmas gift box template

+ White cardboard

+ Ruler, scissors, pen, or pencil

+ Paper glue stick, craft glue

+ 1 gold pipe cleaner or thread


Download the template [Save as “gift box template”]

Print Christmas gift box template [A4 landscape]

Cut out template pattern

Trace onto white cardboard

Using ruler, pencil in all line folds

Cut carefully around edges

Bend all line folds using a ruler

Bend backwards and forwards

Fold into a box shape. Check that lids fits neatly

Trim edges for a nice fit

Glue-stick the whole box carefully

Place glue side down onto back side of wrapping paper

Press firmly to ensure it sticks

When dry, cut out gift box pattern

Using ruler, bend all folds backwards and forwards, carefully

Re-glue edges if necessary

Glue side edge to other edge

Peg edges and allow to dry

Fold in bottom of gift box carefully

Glue folds if necessary, to hold

Place your present inside gift box

Fold gold pipe cleaner into a bow

Or if using a gold ribbon, tie a bow

Glue bow to top of gift box

Your Christmas gift box is complete

Handmade Christmas Gift Box

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The Twelve Days of Christmas” song


Hand-made Christmas Cards

Creating Christmas cards is an easy craft idea for kids to do at school or at home.

Add your own personal touch to Christmas card design with cut-out festive shapes from coloured card of your own choosing.  People will really appreciate receiving a card that you have specially designed and made for them.

Make several sample cards first, then allow your children to create their own Christmas card with special Christmas greetings for friends inside.


You will need the following:

White blank card
Coloured blank card.
Decorative coloured print paper
Coloured glitter shapes, stars, circles
Easy Crafts - Craft Ideas for Kids
Christmas Crafts Materials
Craft glue or glue stick
Doubled sided adhesive tape
Lead pencil or pen

You can download the free PDF template to access Christmas card patterns or template

Christmas cards
Christmas tree template
This Christmas card is suitable for children who can use scissors and glue.

Making Christmas cards can be so much fun and can be an activity that teachers, parents or grandparents can all participate in.  It’s a great way of talking about why we celebrate Christmas, giving Christmas cards and the giving of gifts.

Children love making their own creations when involved in an art and craft activity. It’s good to demonstrate each activity but it’s vital that children be allowed to express their own individuality when doing a project.  Children learn and develop when they can express their feelings through their art-work.   They will experience greater satisfaction if they are free to express themselves through using their own thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Don’t be surprised when they put their own special touch to their individual creation. It’s important to give children lots of praise and encouragement when participating in these easy crafts.

In this particular project, teachers, parents and grandparents need to encourage children to choose their own coloured printed paper, glitter and decorations to create their own special Christmas card.  They can then add their own personal Christmas greeting to someone special. inside the card

Children learn and develop when they are involved in creative art and craft activities. They develop their own thoughts, feelings and ideas about colour, texture, patterns and style when allowed to freely express themselves through art media. Freedom of expression is important for their self-development.

Instructions for making Christmas Cards

Choose plain coloured paper for your cards. 12” X. 6”. (30cm x 12cm)

Cut your paper to size

Choose coloured pattern paper for different tree designs

Download the free PDF tree design

Print the template in landscape format

Cut out your tree patterns

Trace tree pattern onto the back of the pattern paper

Avoid wastage by cutting close to the edge

Cut 3 to 6 different trees to suit your Christmas card

Test which colours go best together

Cut tree pattern carefully

Arrange your coloured trees onto different coloured cards

Decide which trees go best together

Start gluing the first tree then the 2nd and the third

Try the other tree pattern and different coloured card

Glue a star at the top of each tree

Glue coloured circles on top of tree

Glue stars on top of circles

Glue extra stars and decoration

When finished, write a special Christmas message inside your card

Have lots of fun making these lovely Christmas cards.

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paper crafts for kids


When we meet at Christmas time with family and friends, special memories are created that last for a lifetime, and traditions are important.

artificial christmas trees

Kids will love making Christmas tree ornaments out of construction paper, pipe cleaner, cotton balls or craft paper.  

Making Christmas cards is a particular favourite when it comes to finding craft ideas and Christmas tree craft. Your kids may like to decorate a paper plate or craft something out of salt dough using a popsicle stick, pipe cleaner or pom-poms.

When it comes to finding Christmas cards for kids to make, there are many craft projects to choose from.

Amongst the easy crafts for kids to make are simple Christmas card gift tags to be attached to gifts to place under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is a very special time of the year, when kids will love helping to decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel, candy canes and the all-important coloured lights, along with special Christmas tree ornaments.

After the Christmas tree decorations are arranged, the Christmas wreath can be carefully hung on the front door. The outdoor Christmas decorations and lighting light up the house, announcing the arrival of the festive season.

Christmas party celebrations and families gathering together, catching up and having lots of fun at Christmas time are very special times to celebrate the Christmas season.

These traditions and special occasions create memories that can last a lifetime.

How to create your Christmas card gift tags

Gift tags are easy Christmas crafts for kids to make.


1 white firm craft cardboard

4 sheets of Christmas wrapping paper

Ruler, pencil, craft glue stick, scissors

Silver and gold ribbon, hole-punch

Silver and gold metallic markers

Template for Christmas card gift tags



Download and print the free template (Right-click > Save As “Gift Tag” > Print)

+ Cut out the four paper Christmas card gift tags

+ Trace each white paper card pattern onto one sheet of white cardboard

+ Cut out each white card tag

+ Trace each white card onto the back side of Christmas wrapping paper

+ Cut out each gift tag

+ Roll glue stick over white card on one side

+ Place in position on the back of Christmas paper AND GLUE

OR, IF EASIER for younger children to position…

 + Place glued card onto back of the Christmas paper and cut out

+ Punch hole in the centre at the top

+ Fold ribbon in half and push folded end through hole

+ Place ends back through loop at the front and pull tight

Kids will love making their very own Christmas card gift tags to attach to their special present.

Download the free pdf template…