Create and Craft a Colorful 3D Owl Card


Owls have long been viewed by many folks as a source of knowledge and wisdom. In folk law they are found in Myths and Legends as creatures that symbolise wisdom and truth.

These days, people still refer to owls as being wise and knowledgeable.

In times past, because owls are nocturnal creatures, people considered them to be mysterious and aloof.

The people of ancient Athens regarded the owl as knowledgeable, even having the ability to offer strategic advice, possessing special powers of wisdom.  Because the owl is only awake during the night, people believed that the owl, due to its acute eyesight, saw the truth when in the dark.  Some people believed the owl saw all truth and that nothing could be hidden.  Others also believed that spiritually, the owl was the source of all seeing.

There are many different types of owls throughout the world and they are often depicted in photos as flying past the moon at night.

The owl is a wonderful creature that quietly and stealthily glides through the air at night, grabbing and picking up its prey without a sound.

DIY PROJECT – A Colorful Owl Card

This may not be one of the 5-minute crafts diy projects, but it may only take about 20 to 30 minutes if you have all the materials to hand and have traced out all the crafts patterns.

Create and craft your very own owl card to give to someone special.

It’s not only fun, easy crafts but one of the best DIY projects to do at school or during the summer holidays. The items you will need can be purchased from a craft fair or your nearest craft outlet.


Purple craft card paper

Pink craft card paper

Cream craft card paper

White paper, scissors

Pencil, pen, ruler,

Craft glue, paper glue,

Double-sided tape

1 pair of colored eyes


Cut purple card to size H 51/2″ x L 11″

Fold card exactly in half

Save template image and print on A4 sheet


Cut out white patterns from template

Trace all pattern shapes onto card

Glue white circle pattern in centre of card

Press firmly, and wait to dry

Put double sided tape behind pink pattern

+ Place in centre and press lightly

Put double sided tape behind purple pattern

+ Place in centre and press lightly

Put double sided tape behind pink head

Stick on beak

+ Place head on top and press lightly

Mark centre for eyes and glue on

Your owl DIY project craft card in now complete and ready for you to add your own special greeting or words of wisdom inside… all ready to give to a special friend.

I hope you enjoyed creating this fun Colorful Owl DIY project.

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