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Mother’s Day DIY Gifts


DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas are not always easy to find but homemade Mother’s Day gifts from children are always greatly appreciated as DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day craft ideas may be hard to find, but on this site you will find some easy Mother’s Day Crafts that kids can make.  If you’re looking for free printable Mother’s Day crafts, look no further.  We have a Mother’s Day Craft Project that’s easy for kids to make.

This is a Mother’s Day DIY project that would be suitable for 6 to 12-year-olds, and fun to make.  Children of this age are capable of creating Mother’s Day arts and crafts and putting their own creative skills to work.  [DIY gifts for Mom are not necessarily Mother’s Day crafts for pre-schoolers or Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers]. 

Pretty, cute soap boxes are great DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas and these beautiful little soap boxes will make charming Mother’s Day DIY gifts.  Your children will delight in making these easy Mother’s Day crafts.   It’s always lovely to receive homemade gifts for Mom, and Mom will have a special Mother’s Day Box as a keepsake. 



Pen, scissors, craft glue, paper glue stick

Ruler, plain firm white board card

Colored paper patterned card

One piece of gift soap, stick-on gems

1 x 12ins of ribbon for bow on gift box

1 x 10ins of ribbon for length of box


1 Download PDF template for size of box pattern {or save and print the image below}

free printable mothers day crafts

2 Cut out the template pattern

3 Trace paper pattern onto firm board card

4 Cut pattern on board carefully

5 Select pretty, colored paper for box

6 Select ribbon to match

7 Trace pattern onto back of colored paper

8 Cut out pattern carefully

mothers day craft
Cut out pattern, score and and glue flaps

9 With a pen, mark all fold positions carefully

10 Using a ruler bend folds backward and forwards

11 Align coloured pattern on top of plain pattern

12 Check that it fits, glue carefully using a glue stick

13 Press firmly and allow to dry

14 When dry, bend folds carefully back and forth

15 Cut ribbon for length of box, include overlap

16 Glue ribbon on rear of pattern

17 Allow time to dry

18 Glue side flaps to inside of box

19 Press, peg and allow to dry at each end

20 Glue end flaps on one end only, allow to dry

Place your gift soap inside box

21 Place your gift soap inside box

22 Glue other end flaps, allow to dry

23 Tie ribbon and make a bow, trim the tail

24 Glue bow… press lightly, allow to dry

25 Glue pretty gems in center

Now you have finished your Mother’s Day Craft Gift

The instructions for making these pretty MOTHER’S DAY CRAFTS are on video for you to enjoy watching and creating.

DIY Gifts for Mom
Mothers Day Craft Ideas

Follow the steps slowly and enjoy making your own Mother’s Day craft gift box.

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mothers day handmade cards


Mothers Day Card Craft

This Mother’s Day Card is Easy for Kids to Make

Mother’s Day has always been seen as a very special time of year to celebrate and remember the special and important role mothers play in the upbringing of their children.

For many children, it a fun time to create their very own Mother’s Day card and homemade Mother’s Day cards are always warmly welcomed by Moms, especially “Happy Mother’s Day” funny cards.

Mothers Day Card

For those looking for easy Mother’s Day cards to make in school, or a Mother’s day card craft activity for kids to create, we feature free Printable Mother’s Day cards and lots of homemade Mother’s Day card ideas.

There is a free printable Mother’s Day Cards PDF with easy instructions to follow, to complete these homemade Mother’s Day cards.


To make the following Mother’s Day card you will need firm board-quality card.

Materials you will need

1  Blue card, Length 12 in x width 8 1/2 in          2  Scissors, pen, glue stick, ruler, PDF sheet

Front of card

3  Yellow card length 5 3/4 ins, width 4ins          4  Blue card length 4 1/2 ins, width 3ins

5  Yellow strips x 2 length 6ins, width 1/4 in

Inside card

1  Yellow card length 9 1/2 ins, width 6 ins         2  Blue card length 8 1/2 ins, width 4 3/4 ins

Colored Card



1  Download the PDF Heart Sheet           2  Cut out heart shapes

3  Trace hearts onto white board card      4  Cut out all colored card

Cut out heart shapes


1 Fold large blue card in half             
2 Glue yellow shape on an angle

3 Glue blue card on the angle            
4 Glue both yellow strips top and bottom

5 Glue large white heart in centre of blue card

Create the front


1 Glue yellow card in centre of open card  

2 Glue blue card in centre of yellow card

3 Allow to dry then fold in half         
4 Glue and arrange heart shapes on blue
5 Allow hearts to dry                         
6 Write your special Mother’s Day greetings

Inside your card

Your homemade Mother’s Day Card is complete!

This is a fun Mother’s Day card that’s easy and enjoyable to make. Be sure to download the free printable Homemade Mother’s Day card ideas PDF for all the details.  

Mothers Day Art

Enjoy making these Mother’s Day cards and perhaps use different colors.  Making Mother’s Day cards for Grandma would also be a fun project.

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Hearts template

More Easy Art Activities

Hearts Template {Save and print}