Easy Easter Potato Prints

Easter craft for kids to make

Make some colorful Easter decorations by painting on potatoes!

Easter craft for kids to make
Easy Easter Potato Prints
Items you will need
  • Six egg-shaped potatoes
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brush
  • White and coloured paper
  • Craft glue
  • Coloured glitter
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Carefully cut each potato in half
  • Cut out various different shapes in the potatoes as shown in the video below. Each pattern can be different
  • Pat potato surfaces dry on paper towel
  • Paint the raised surfaces with your chosen colours
  • Turn the potato over and print each potato shape onto blank or coloured paper, or onto cards
  • Wait for the paint to dry
  • When dry, carefully run your glue around the outline of each colour.
  • Sprinkle glitter sparingly and shake off the excess to keep
  • Allow the glue to dry
  • Cut out each egg shape around the edge, leaving a small margin

Ideas for your colored potato prints…

  1. Stick them back-to-back. Punch a hole at the pointy end and tie them onto a painted twig tree placed into a pot
  2. Stick them side-by-side to form an egg-shaped Easter card
  3. Stick them onto the front of a blank card to make Happy Easter cards for friends and family.
  4. Cut vertical slits at the top of one and the bottom of another. Slide them together to form a 3D Easter Egg.
  5. Stick them all onto a large poster to hang on the wall

Happy printing!

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The Origins of the Famous Fabergé Egg

Faberge decorated Easter eggs

History tells us that The High society in Russia in the 19th Century started the tradition of giving highly delicately decorated eggs, featuring many special intrinsic jewels and beading, creating beautifully ornate decorated eggs. This tradition led to the famous Fabergé egg.

It is believed that the first Fabergé egg was created for Tsar Alexander lll who was inspired to give his wife, the Empress Maria Feodorovna, a beautifully decorated Easter egg in 1885, perhaps for their 20th wedding Anniversary.

This delicate Fabergé egg was crafted from a gold base with a transparent white shell that, when opened, revealed the gold yolk. This yolk also opened to reveal a highly colourful gold hen in a basket.  The hen also opened, revealing a miniature diamond crown, suspending a tiny delicate ruby pendant. This egg became known as the Jewelled Hen Egg.  The delicate egg was supported on a tripod pedestal, also highly coloured with gold, jewels and intricate detail.

Maria Feodorovna

Maria was so adoring of this delicate gift given to her by her husband Alexander that it led to Peter Carl Fabergé being appointed to the Imperial Crown as a goldsmith and given complete freedom in designing any of the future imperial Easter Eggs. This in turn led to them to becoming more and more decorated and elaborately intricate. Alexander’s only requirements were that each wonderful Fabergé egg would contain a surprise and a special uniqueness.

Faberge decorated Easter eggs
Fabergé Egg

The Imperial eggs became quite famous and Fabergé went on to be commissioned by many private clients… duchesses and wealthy families, creating many more intricate designs for them, along with their special surprises hidden inside. History tells us that a series of 50-54 Fabergé Eggs were commissioned for the Russian Imperial family under the direction and supervision of Fabergé, all of which were delicate in nature, intricate in design and surprising in their secret inner creations.  Many of the intricate inner surprises were of flowers, carriages, clocks, jewels, pearls and many more.

Other Easter Egg Customs

Chocolate eggs, egg-shaped candy and coloured jelly beans have all been well associated with Easter from the early 1930s.  Many countries, cities and towns, on many different scales across the world, celebrate the Easter Hunt and The Easter Parade in a very big way, involving everyone to celebrate this festive season with dressing up, with elaborately coloured, decorated hats, and outfits, or people dressed up as the Easter Rabbit.  Children enter into the fun by finding the scattered Easter eggs.

The American White House maintains an Easter tradition on the Monday after Easter as an annual event on the White House lawn, including an Easter Hunt and egg rolling Competition.

Other Easter Traditions…


Easter blessings wishes

Easter is about celebrating with loved ones and spreading joy and happiness.  Even in a time of global crisis, it’s important that we carry on these special traditions that we all look forward to each year.

Happy Easter Greetings

At this time of year, it has become a tradition to give Easter cards that include a very special Happy Easter greeting inside.  Everyone loves to receive an Easter card, especially if it is a DIY craft card.

It’s lovely when you can make your very own creative Easter cards and send them to family members who may live a long way away… or it may be for your teacher.   Parents or special friends would also appreciate receiving one.  But of course, you need to put a very special Happy Easter Greeting inside the card.

You might like to write funny Easter greetings or send an Easter blessing to a special friend.  Everyone loves a Happy Easter Greeting.

Here are some examples of Happy Easter Greetings

Thinking of you at this special Easter time.

I am sending you HAPPY EASTER WISHES.

May you and your family have an Easter basket full of blessings.

Happy Easter! May Easter bunny bring you lots of yummy eggs.

Here’s a special Easter greeting… HAPPY EASTER!

May your hearts be filled with joy and thankfulness at this special Easter time!

Funny Easter Greetings

We all love funny or silly jokes or clever sayings.  When you open an Easter Card and unexpectedly read a funny Easter greeting, you could well be put into stitches of laughter.  It’s fun to have a silly joke to make people laugh. You can always make up your own funny Easter greetings.

Here are some examples of Funny Easter Greetings…

Happy Easter Greetings

So why did the Easter bunny cross the road? …The chickens were chasing him.

Happy Easter! A large Easter Egg is on its way …if the Easter Bunny hasn’t eaten it, like last year!

free easter greetings
Happy Easter Greetings

How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?  …He EGG-cersizes

Happy Easter! Funny Bunny!

Happy Easter! Hope you can wait till the bunnies bring your eggs back home.

Wishing you a Happy Easter with lots of Bunny-kin greetings.

Religious Easter Messages

Often Easter is only thought of as a season of family fun, lots of eggs and bunny rabbits …painting eggs and having a meal with family or friends.

religious easter greetings

But Easter is a special religious time of the year, when we are reminded that Easter is the remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And it was his sacrifice that has shown us the path to eternal life with Him in God’s Kingdom!

Here are some religious Easter greetings…

May God bless you at this special Easter time!

Easy Easter Cards

Hallelujah! The King is risen. May you receive many blessings this Easter season.

May all the blessings of Easter fill your heart with joy!

Let’s rejoice and be glad in Him for He is risen! …Blessings at Easter time!

May all His blessings come upon us this special Easter time!

Happy Easter! May all the blessings of Easter fill your heart!

Christian Easter Greetings

A Christian verse…

Jesus Christ, he told us so!

Little did we believe… little did we know,

That He spoke the truth with every word!

Now He is risen, His voice is heard!


Easter Cards Religious
Easter GreetingCards
Happy Easter Greetings

Easter Cards for Kids to Make…

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Easter Bunny Flower Cards to Make

Easter Cards
easter greeting cards

It’s always good for kids to create Happy Easter greetings cards to give to parents, friends or relatives at Easter time, especially family members. 

These are some easy printable Easter cards to make at home this year. This is a way that kids can make their own free Easter cards.

The kids can write their own message in the cards, that can be traditional religious Easter greetings or something related to the Easter bunny and the fun activities of collecting Easter eggs.

Materials You Will Need…

White card

Colored card (yellow and blue)




Craft glue


Download the free pdf template and print onto white paper (A4)

Measure and cut yellow and blue card to size

Fold cards in half

Printable Easter Cards

Cut out rabbit, flowers and grass shapes

Glue grass to the bottom of each cards (glue along the base only)

free easter cards

Glue the white rabbit onto the colored card behind the top of the grass

Glue flowers behind grass

happy easter cards

Write a “Happy Easter” greeting

Easter Bunny Silhouette Card Project

Have fun making your Easter Bunny Silhouette Cards this Easter

Easter Cards that Kids can make…

More Easter Craft ideas…

Other Easter Bunny Cards to make